[WordPress] How to deal with the phenomenon that the update date of another article changes when renaming PhonexRenamer


Hello!This time, I would like to introduce the phenomenon that the update date of other articles changes without permission when batch renaming is executed with "Phonex Renamer" which is a Wordpress plugin.


"Phone x Renamer" is a very convenient plugin for renaming image files that tend to accumulate when blogging with Wordpress.

However, immediately after performing this operation, for some reason, the update date and time of another article may be changed, and the posting page may become messy.

If this happens, you will not know which article is the latest every time you rename it.


This is probably due to the Wordpress mechanism itself.
It's just a guess, but WordPress manages files such as articles and images in a database.

Database view on my server

"Phone x Renamer" seems to have some trouble in handling the database before installation, or it seems to move to update the date for a specific article.


All WordPress article databases are managed by "ID".
If you rewrite this ID, may you exclude it from the target of "Phone x Renamer"?I thought and executed it and it worked.

However, if you do this manually, the amount of work will be very heavy.
Even in my case, about 20 articles were prey, so I gave up at that point.

What's more, if you change the ID without understanding it well, you may duplicate the ID or type in the wrong ID and the database itself may be corrupted.

So you have to tell Wordpress itself to change the article ID.

The easiest of these was to move it to the trash, and I was able to confirm the movement of updating the database.

Once moved to the Trash, the ID value in the database will be updated

This made it possible to improve.
If it is left as it is, it will remain in the trash can, so let's restore it when finished.

It won't disappear without a restore, but it's a good idea to restore it.


This time, I introduced a solution to the phenomenon that the update date of other articles changes when renaming all at once with "Phone x Renamer".

I was in trouble because I couldn't find a solution to this case even after searching various things.Can you withstand the use by examining it yourself?I was able to recover to that level.

However, I don't know much about Wordpress databases in the first place, and I wonder if this is the only solution.You can certainly see the post database being rewritten by moving it to the Trash, but I don't know why this happens with Phonex Renamer in the first place.

To be honest, if you take the time, you may know, but I'm a blogger and I really can't afford to spend that much time ...Excuse me.I look forward to updates from the development team.

For the time being, I'm glad that the articles are no longer cluttered even if I rename them all at once.
I hope it will be helpful for people with similar concerns.

I hope it helps you.


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