[Windows] 0x8007010B Update cannot be applied due to error


Hello!This time, I would like to introduce a solution to the problem that the update program of Windows 10 cannot be applied due to the 0x8007010B error.

The 0x8007010B error usually occurs when a directory with an invalid name "ERROR_DIRECTORY" exists.It is an error number that can be seen in various situations, but this time I would like to focus on Windows Update and write an article.

As usual, I will introduce it in the case I encountered for the time being.


Update fails when applying KB4579311 (Windows10 Build.2004), and 0x8007010B is output to the event log of Windows Update.

October 2020, 10 — KB13 (OS Build 4579311)
Find out more about update KB4579311, including enhancements and fixes, known issues, and how to get updates.

At this time, the same error is output even if you try to apply another KB.
Also, installed updates cannot be uninstalled.

Possible causes

As a cause investigation this time, I am trying to uninstall the update program.
In that respect, a feature that is different from the errors I have encountered so far is that it cannot be uninstalled.

It is presumed that this is probably a violation character that is not normally used in the directory / file name when the KB program is applied, or the data is damaged when writing to the hard disk and cannot be read / deleted.

Therefore, it is presumed that the OS is corrupted, especially the Windows Update file has a file name violation, and the update program cannot operate the file.


Execute the OS repair command DISM / RestoreHealth

The problem was solved by performing a repair using the OS installation image (WIM).
This command is executed with the Restore Health option of the DISM command, but the update could not be applied without using WIM, so you can see that a stronger repair was needed.

I was able to apply the update as usual after the repair was completed.

DISM / Online / Cleanup-image / RestoreHealth /Source:wim: E: \ Sources \ Install.wim: 1 / LimitAccess
* Note that E: \ Sources \ Install.wim requires wim: before the file path when specifying the location Wim of Install.wim on the installation disk or mount image.

For details, see the DISM and Restore Health items in the following article.


This time, I introduced the solution when the update program of Windows 10 cannot be applied due to the 0x8007010B error.

In my case, it occurred in Windows 10 Build.2004, but when I searched with the same error number, it seems that the same error is issued in various cases.

[0x8007010b] [KB4517211] I can't update windows well
2019-09x64ベースシステム用Windows10Version1903の累積更新プログラム(KB4517211)(4) 2019/09/30で実行した前回のインストールが失敗しました 0x8007010b これ以降のWindows10Version1903の累積更新プログラムのインストールがすべて失敗しています ...

In that case, this method can be used for a wide range of purposes, so it may be worth remembering.

If you encounter a situation where you can't update or roll back, I'd appreciate it if you could remember this article and run the DISM command using WIM.

I hope it helps you.


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