[Windows] When the Windows Update update cannot be applied to the event viewer etc. due to the "2359302" error


Hello!This time, I would like to introduce the case where a log such as "Error 2359302" remains in the event viewer etc. when the application of the update program fails due to Windows Update etc.


When I do Windows Update manually, I often get only a dialog that says it failed and doesn't tell me anything about the error.
Items to check at that time include "Event Viewer".

Often there is a log in the "Setup" section of this Event Viewer.

As you can see, the silent error this time was "2359302".


The 2359302 error is logged when "Windows updates have already been applied".
In other words, it has already been applied.


It doesn't end with anything.
This happened because the OS hasn't been applied yet.

In this case, the cause is that the information that it has been applied even though it has not been applied has been written to Windows.


If it has already been applied, it is OK if the Windows build number (check with the Winver command etc.) and the OS build number of the applied update program match, so I think that no special work is required.

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This time, I will introduce some solutions when they do not match.

① Run the troubleshooting tool

Windows 10 has a handy feature called a troubleshooting tool.
If you fail to apply the update program, try using it and it will be solved smoothly.

In particular, if it is not applied but it is displayed as applied like this time, it is possible that the database that stores the update information inside Windows is damaged, and this tool will solve it quickly.

Access to troubleshooting tools is done from the settings.

Click Update and Security on the settings screen

Click Troubleshoot on the left menu, then click Additional Troubleshooting Tools. * Some patterns have Windows Update items suddenly.

You can repair it by clicking Windows Update and then clicking Run Troubleshooter.

② Uninstall the update program

If this does not help, it is possible that the update has been put on hold.

You can uninstall the update by executing the command with an option such as / uninstall to the update program you are trying to apply.

It may require a little specialized knowledge, so if it is troublesome, I think it is better to overwrite the OS described later.

③ Overwrite installation of OS

Overwrite installation of the OS can perform a very powerful repair.

In a case like this one, the information of the applied update program will be replaced with that of the OS you are trying to install.Therefore, the information is temporarily out of date and needs to be updated.

First of all, it means to keep the OS clean so that it can be updated.

Overwriting of the OS has been summarized in the article in the past, so please refer to this and execute it.


This time, I introduced how to solve the inconsistent error that it is applied even though it is not applied.

It's a very unpleasant event in words ...

It seems that this situation often occurs when a power outage occurs due to the effects of forced termination or lightning during Windows Update.A similar situation would be a laptop running out of battery ...

I think you can imagine various patterns.Even if the error number is different, I think that the same method can be used to solve the case where the screen such as "Refreshing and restarting" is displayed all the time.

Well, I think it's a kind of error that can't be said to be fatal, so if you try to repair it calmly, you'll be able to manage it unexpectedly.

I hope it helps you.


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