[Windows] How to repair or reset the store! Effective use of "ws reset" and status reset!

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Hello!This time I would like to introduce how to repair or reset the store.

Occasional store app bugs when using Windows 10.
Here are some repair methods that are often used as the first step to solve this problem.

How to use the "WS reset" command

WSreset is a tool included in Windows 10 and is a function to refresh settings and cache related to Store.If you have a simple problem, you may be able to solve it by using this.

In addition, since the store application behaves as if it is deeply related to the OS, it may be effective for problems of unknown cause.

The store will open at the end, soDo it while connected to the network as much as possibleShould be.

I think the following procedure is easy to start.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Click the start button
(Press the Windows key)

XNUMX. XNUMX. Enter "ws reset"

XNUMX. XNUMX. Press Enter

This will open a command prompt (black screen) and start processing.When the process is completed normally, the store will open automatically.

Forcibly reset the package status of the store app

The following method is often done by yourself if WSreset does not improve it.

Store apps have a registry value called Package Status that stores status such as updating or running.
In the field experience, this value caused the following problems. (An example

  • Store app does not open
  • Start menu does not open
  • The name of the store app displayed in the start menu turns gray and does not start.

The command below was used to solve these problems.
You can reset the package status in all store apps by running PowerShell as an administrator and pasting and executing the following command.

Remove-Item -Path HKLM: \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ AppModel \ StateChange \ PackageList * -recurse

[Reference] Microsoft Support-Windows 10 does not launch applications or dimming names.


As mentioned above, I get the impression that the method introduced this time has a slightly higher impact on the store application and, by extension, the OS.When you put it into practice, please make a backup, etc., and take care so that it can be repaired, and at your own risk.

* The store app is also introduced in another article.If you like, please refer to this as well!

I hope it helps you.


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