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Hello!This time, I would like to introduce the overwrite installation of the OS as a powerful repair method when Windows goes wrong.

Often, when updating the OS, it may fail for some reason, and then the operation may slow down or the update itself may not be possible.

Even if you arrive at the product support site etc. after a long search, there are many things like "It was fixed after recovery", and it is written that you have to give up the data and the application you put in. I have been struck.

Before recovering, how about overwriting the OS in this way and trying to repair it?

Things to prepare

■ Contents of Windows installation disk or ISO file

Contents of the installation disc

That's all you need.
You can execute it without copying the contents, but copying it to the hard disk and executing it will be faster.

Also, I think it is better to use the same build or later as the current OS as much as possible.
This is because it is an overwrite installation, so it will be a build of the used disk.
If you use the old one, a lot of update work is waiting.

If you do not have a Windows installation disc on a manufacturer's PC, you can download it from Microsoft using the "Media Creation Tool".

Try overwriting the OS

First of all, from the contents of the installation disk earlier, "Setup.exeIs executed by double-clicking.
* Depending on the environment, after this, "User account control"Pop-up appears, but in that case,"YesPlease click "" to allow it.

Example of the contents of the installation disk

After a while after starting up, the following screen will appear.
If there is no particular problem, "NextClick to proceed.

*Help improve the quality of Windows installationsThere is no problem even if you remove the check box.Those who are concerned about privacy and company regulations should remove it.

The following are simultaneous items related to licensing.
Those who have legitimately purchased and are using WindowsagreeClick to proceed.

After that, the PC will be checked, so you need to wait for a while. It depends on the ability of the PC, so I can't say it unconditionally, but I think it will take about 10 to 30 minutes.

After waiting for a while, it will move to the screen below.

If you come to this point, the rest is "InstallYou can click to start the overwrite installation of the OS.
It will be restarted, so close the application so that there are no unsaved files!

* In the upper screen, "Change what to take overIf you click "", you can also select a clean installation that removes the installed software or deletes all personal files.I think that it is also effective when you have been infected with a virus or when you want to reset to the initial state.

Overwrite installation

After moving to the screen above, all you have to do is wait.If the work is completed normally as it is, the login screen will be displayed, so wait patiently.
By the way, even after this screen has progressed to 100%, work starting from XNUMX% is waiting after restarting, so don't be overjoyed!

It takes a lot of time just to install the OS.It seems that it may take about 2 hours depending on the item.My PC had reasonably good performance, so I was able to complete it in about 30 minutes.

注意 点

Overwrite installation of the OS is one of the most powerful repair methods.
if possible,Back up the entire diskIt is safer to do it afterwards.

This power is the so-called registry and already set items.Risk of returning to the initial stageIncludes.Therefore, in the case of an OS with complicated settings or an OS that only runs specific software, it isEverything goes straightThere is also a thing.

I don't think it's a big deal because there aren't many operating systems that have been built for individuals.However, be careful of those for business use or those distributed by companies.If there is a supporting department, thereIt is safer to inquireIt will be.

Also, it is a prerequisite that the OS boots.
If you can't even start it, you'll have to take another step.

To perform this processUses a considerable amount of disk space.
Before executionWith a space of about XNUMXGBYou should do it.
* After the work is completed, you want to clean up the disc.


This time, I introduced the repair method by overwriting the OS.

I've mentioned a lot of things to note, but this method is really effective for many errors and glitches.
In particular, software-related problems such as OS updates failing or specific software not being installed should be fixed in most cases.

What's more, it has the advantage of being able to repair almost all of the installed software and stored data.A clean install will eliminate everything.

Also, as long as it is an overwrite installation, you can complete the update together by using the latest ISO file.If you have multiple PCs, it may be one way to overwrite them to save time.
* I would like to introduce how to update the OS manually later.

I hope it helps you.


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