[Windows] Explain the license for the general public!Boxed edition? DSP? OEM?I will explain each feature

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Hello!This time, I would like to explain the types of Windows licenses for the general public.

Most of the software provided for a fee can be used by paying a usage fee called a "license fee".Then, when you purchase the "license: usage right" and actually start using it, "license authentication: activation" is performed.

Microsoft products such as Windows activate this activation using an authentication character called a "product key", but there are several methods.

This time, I would like to explain how to activate Windows.

Microsoft license type

Microsoft's general license usuallyLicense to activate for one computerWill be purchased.

It's easy to misunderstand here, so I'll explain it in advance, but you can install it without the product key.It can be used in the so-called "trial version" state.

However, usually the trial period is set, it can be used only for 30 days, and there are some functional restrictions (o365 can not be used, it can not be updated, the design can not be changed, etc.)

"Activation" is to remove this restriction and enable the use of the original performance of the software.
And the right to activate is a "license", and we are buying this.
In addition, activation is called "license authentication" by Microsoft.

Although the introduction has been lengthened, there are several types of licenses due to this difference in "rights".

There are "package version" that can be used almost permanently once purchased, and "DSP version" and "OEM version" that have restrictions.I would like to explain it individually.

Boxed edition

The packaged version is the most common license.
Only one can be activated with the same product key, but even if you buy a new computer hardwareIt is possible to move only the OS from an old computer.

For those who make their own PCs, it is useful because there are many cases where parts are replaced or all new ones are tried in the first place.However, unless you change parts frequently, you will not face such a situation, so those who purchase the package version will have little benefit unless they are quite rich.

If you don't change the computer configuration so much, the DSP version described later is recommended because it is cheaper to obtain.The package version is expensive because there are no restrictionsIs also a feature.

In addition,Link to your Microsoft account as a "digital license"こ と が で き ま す.
* The explanation of the digital license will be described later.

DSP version

The DSP version is a hardware-related license.
It is a license that can be installed only on a computer that has the registered hardware installed.Due to the restrictions, you can get it much cheaper than the package versioncan.

For example, if you purchased it with a hard disk, the license will be fine if you port the hard disk to another PC and continue to use it.

Basically, a PC once made does not break so easily, and ordinary people do not replace parts, so the DSP version may be sufficient.

You can keep costs down, and in the event of an emergency, you can build a new PC based on the rules.In the past, I often saw people who bought an external Blu-ray drive in anticipation of that (Is it still the case?

The limitation of the DSP version is tied to the hardware, but it's crazyMicrosoft doesn't know 100% of this.. On windows, I'm running myselfRemember the hardware configurationIt has a feature that prompts you to reactivate your license when it detects that it has changed.

In that case, if it is a small change, Internet authentication is possible,Phone verification required for major changesIt will be.
In my experience, thisI don't know the degree of change until I trySo if you change this, you can't say that phone authentication is required ...

I think that the DSP version is appropriate for PCs that make handmade PCs for others or discard all parts after use.It will switch to a new OS in a cycle of about 10 years.

OEM version

The OEM version is a special license for PC makers.

When a manufacturer sells a personal computer,Install Windows from scratchIt does (: pre-installed) The license used at that time is the OEM version.

OEM license is thatLicense tied to the computer itselfTherefore, please note that when you destroy your computer, you will lose your license at the same time.

This is also the reason why when you buy a new PC, something like "I have Windows, so make it cheaper" does not occur.

Also, when replacing the storage (storage device such as HDD or SSD) due to a failure etc., it is a little gray.If the motherboard hasn't changed, If you tell us that you exchanged by phone authentication, we will almost tell you the authentication code.Well, I guess it's a judgment that there is no help for this area.

[Extra] Reason why the purchased license is in violation

Currently, Windows is activated almost by authentication on the Internet.
ThereforeMicrosoft's server aggregates product keys and information on whether they are activatedIt is done.

That means if you violate the license,License active on other PCIt means that it is in the (: authenticated) state.

If it is a genuine package version, the one you installed before will remain, so you should uninstall the product key once. If it is the DSP version, there are cases where it can be handled by telephone authentication.

However, the problem is that you cannot use a license that you have never activated yourself, such as when you bought it online.In most cases, you buy the OEM version from a vendor who sells it illegally.The vendor has been stripped of the license from Microsoft and cannot be activatedThat's it.

Since these dangers come around, it is better to make a regular purchase without being too stingy so that you do not have to spend extra effort and you can get mental relief.

About digital license

Digital license is a mechanism introduced from Windows 10 that allows you to link your product key to something else.There are two main patterns.

Link to a Microsoft account

By linking this to the owner's Microsoft account, even if you move your computer, it will be automatically authenticated.Only available on the boxed version of Windows 10.

Simply logging in with a Microsoft account with a registered digital license will authenticate you, making it extremely easy to move your OS.

Of course, the license of the computer you are moving from will be lost, so you need to remove the license in advance.

Link with the BIOS of the motherboard

This is a merit of second-hand goods if anything.

Most PCs made by manufacturers are tied to the motherboard as a digital license.This means that the person who sold the PC will not be able to transfer the OS to another PC.

In that case, even if you buy a used PC, you are unlikely to have the trouble of not being licensed.

In the old days, used PCs without an OS were often sold at super-discount prices in Akihabara and other places.
That's why I don't see it so much now.
* In the first place, PCs that can replace parts are no longer mainstream, and there are times when user knowledge is no longer required.


This time, I briefly explained about Windows licenses.

I'm not really aware of what I'm using normally, but I'd be happy if you could take the opportunity to find out what Windows you're using.

At present, when purchasing a personal computer, I think that most of the styles are to buy what is sold in the store as it is.The number of homebrew PC shops has decreased considerably.I don't think it's so common to buy an OS alone at this time.

However, choosing parts by yourself and building it as a single computer is a very effective way to get to know the computer.In particular, the act of deciding your own budget and choosing the parts that suit you will be a good opportunity to become familiar with the hardware as you investigate the price, performance, and characteristics of the parts.

I think that such experience will be utilized later in the vendors that sell equipment (: hardware vendors) and the industries that deal with them (: system engineers).

I hope it helps you.


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