[Windows 10] An easy way to switch to half-width characters when Japanese input is ON and the alphabet is input using the Shift key. (On the contrary, you can always make it full-width!)


Hello!This time, I will introduce a solution to the phenomenon that if you input while pressing the "SHIFT" key with Japanese input ON, you will be inputting full-width alphabets!

I suddenly got this phenomenon on my computer, and I felt sad that I would convert it back to half-width characters every time, so I think people who do the same will be in great trouble.

It's a fairly simple method, so please try it!


Even if Japanese input is ON, it is a famous operation method that you can directly input the alphabet by pressing the "SHIFT" key while inputting.

However, at one point, I suddenly started to enter full-width characters instead of half-width characters.
If you do a certain operation, it will be like that, but I don't think there are many opportunities to type full-width alphabets.

OriginallyHalf sizeI should be able to enter withFull widthWill be entered in

Anyway, it's inconvenient as it is.
Let's fix it!


1. With Japanese input ON, use the "Shift key" to enter alphabetic characters (you can leave full-width characters as they are)

2. Before confirming with the Enter keyPress the "non-conversion key" to enter half-width alphabetic charactersConvert to

3.Confirm with "Enter key"

Then, from the next input, you will be able to input in half-width alphabetic characters!


It seems to be a standard function of IME.

It memorizes the state of full-width and half-width of the last converted alphabet and uses it for the next input.
I thought it was quite noisy, but I wonder if there are some people who always want to enter in full-width.

In such a case, it may be convenient if you know that you can switch between full-width and half-width with the non-conversion key ♪


This time, I introduced how to switch between full-width and half-width characters when inputting English characters with the Shift key while Japanese input is ON.

In my case, I always want you to enter in half-width characters, so I was very confused when I encountered this phenomenon.
For people who type scripts in a Japanese environment, inputting English with the Shift key is a daily occurrence.
I had a hard time.

I'm really glad that I found a solution early on.
Please refer to those who have the same phenomenon.

On the contrary, I think there are people who always want to hit in full-width.
In that case, if you know the behavior of the non-conversion key, you may be able to use it for a while.

I hope it helps you.


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