[Windows] How to avoid adding "-shortcut" that is attached to the name when creating a shortcut

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Hello!This time I would like to introduce some Windows tricks.
I hate it soberlyRemove the "-shortcut" that is automatically attached when creating a shortcutWay.

Perhaps there are only a few people who usually care too much.But every time I create a shortcutIt's a little annoying to have a "-shortcut" in every link file.

It's not so much with one or two, but people who usually create shortcuts are not good for mental hygiene because dozens of files also have shortcuts.

ManualOne by oneEraseI hear that some people are inside.It ’s once, onceSmallAlso,Great effort if accumulatedIt becomes.

A function to automatically add "-shortcut"Modify the registry to disable itLet's do it!

* Editing the registry may damage the OS.Be sure to back up and work with caution.

Movement to add "-shortcut" that you want to disable

When Windwos creates a shortcut in the default state,Be sure to add "-shortcut" to "original file name"I will.It is an advantage in that you can judge whether it is a shortcut only by looking at the file name, but the icon has a shortcut mark in the first place, and it does not make much sense for everyday use.

If you place a lot of shortcuts as shown in the image below, "-shortcuts" will be especially noticeable.For those who use shortcuts a lot, it's no wonder it gets in the way.

This time, this selfDisable the movement that is added by the movementLet's continue.

Applicable registry and values ​​to disable

To disable it belowManipulate the registryTo do.By defaultThe value is ## 00 00 00 (# Is a non-zero value), * 0 "The value of ## changes every time you create a shortcut. "doing.thisChange the first value to 00If you doSuppress the movement added to the file namecan.

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer
Subkey: Link
Registry type: REG_BINARY
Value: 00 00 00 00 (disabled)

* Default value: ## 00 00 00 (valid)

When opened with the registry editor, it looks like the image below.

This registry is"HKEY_CURRENT_USER"BecauseValid only for set usersIt is a setting value.Therefore, please note that it will not be reflected by other users.

The registry of "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" isLoaded at loginYou.
After changing the registryLog off / login requiredIt will be.Rebooting is OK.

Also, edit the registryCreate a shortcut immediately without logging offIf you do, the setting will be set due to the movement of * 1.Will return to the originalSo please be careful here as well.

Disable with command

The change this time is the registry, so as shown belowREG ADD commandIt is also one way to execute it using.It is in a form that reflects the registry information as it is.

With this, you don't have to start the editor and do any manual work.Especially if it's a commandThere are no mistakes like typosThat's right.

reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer" / v Link / t REG_BINARY / d 00000000 / f

This also only changes the registry, soBefore creating a new shortcutIf you create a shortcut in, it will be restored.you have to,RebootOrLog off / loginPlease create a shortcut after doing.

To undo

I found this decision very difficult,Registry OfbackupThose who are taking itimportI'm sure you will.For the time being, the value is in my environment15 00 00 00At the time of backupUndoI can do it.

However, after trying various things, I have confirmed that it is valid if the value is not 00 00 00 00.
SimplyValue: 01 00 00 00But in the movement to add the name to the shortcutCan be returnedSo I think that's fine. (Unfortunately, I didn't know what the numbers mean.Probably added to the name if it is not 0It is believed to do. )


This time, I introduced how to disable the function that the name is added to the shortcut without permission.

It's a little trick, but it's always noticeable, so I think it has a high mental effect.
People who care about it really care about it ...The work will be much better just by eliminating a little frustration, and I think it is a relatively recommended custom item.

For those who have turned off shortcut naming in traditional Windows, it would be nice to be able to get rid of that annoying "-shortcut".

There used to be quite a few tools that could change this kind of setting.It was very useful for customs, but since Windows 10, many software have not been supported.
Perhaps Windows 10 has the characteristic of being updated regularly, so it is difficult to follow it and maintain the applied settings.

Still, there are still ways to customize it.
I would like to introduce it little by little.

I hope it helps you.


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