[Windows 10] Introducing services that you want to stop in order to use Win10 comfortably!Disable heavy programs to improve behavior!

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Hello!This time, while using Windows 10, I would like to introduce the functions that I think should be disabled for comfortable use.

I personally think that the feature I'm introducing is unnecessary, but it's not completely meaningless.It is up to you to decide what to actually disable.

In addition, the setting method will be guided by a command according to my preference.
I have posted the administrator execution method of the command prompt in another article, so I hope you can read it.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

This is the process of anonymously sending failure information to Microsoft.
It is started by the task scheduler and seems to consume mainly CPU resources.

It is registered in the task scheduler and can be disabled by executing the following command at the administrator command prompt.

schtasks / Change / TN "\ Microsoft \ Windows \ Application Experience \ Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser" / DISABLE

* When returning to the original settings/ ENABLERewrite to

Super Fetch

A service that reads frequently used files and applications from the hard disk into memory in advance.

It seems to be useful if you start it for a long time and use only the same file software, but since it is common to use "shut down often and use various software", I think that it is a function that you can not really feel the effect.In most cases, it doesn't matter if it actually stops.

Due to the operation, it consumes a lot of hard disk and memory at startup, and the load on the CPU is also moderate, so I think that it should be stopped if it is an unnecessary environment.

The invalidation command is as follows.

sc.exe config "Sysmain" start =Disabled

* When returning to the original settings CarRewrite to

Windows Search

A service that creates indexes to speed up Windows searches.

Looking at it by name, it seems that the search function itself will be stopped, but it is a little different.Since it is a service for speeding up, you can search for files.

However, some Microsoft products seem to be actively using this feature, and it seems that a warning message appears in Explorer, Outlook, etc. (Since you can search, you rarely get in trouble)

It often uses a lot of hard disk and CPU, and in the case of a slow hard disk, it seems that it may stop working just by occupying this process.

You can disable it with the following command.

sc.exe config "WSearch" start =Disabled

* When returning to the original settings CarRewrite to


These three features occupy a great deal of resources and tend to be slow on low spec machines.

Unless you have a specific reason, you can live a comfortable Windows life if you stop it.

We hope for your reference.

Starting with Windows 10 1703, running the command prompt with administrator privileges has become a hassle.

Open the menu with the Windows key + "X" key and press "A" to start PowerShell with administrator privileges.
You can then switch the Powershell console to command prompt mode by typing "cmd" and pressing Enter.

* When operating in command prompt mode, the letters "PS" will be removed.

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