[Windows 10] After logging in at startup or waking up from sleep, the message "Please set as the default mail client" is displayed from Outlook without permission.


Hello!This time at login

"The default email client has not been set, or the email client currently in use is unable to perform messaging requests. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as your default email client."

I would like to introduce a solution to the phenomenon that the message appears.


When I log in to Windows 10, I get a message like the one in the image below every time.

Message screen that appears every time the desktop is displayed

This message seems to be triggered by the timing when you need to log in (wakeup, sleep, lock, user switching, etc.).

Also, it pops up suddenly a few minutes after the desktop is displayed, which is very disturbing when playing games or working.


On a computer with multiple mail clients installed, the "default application" registered in "Mail" in "Settings" and the mail client registered in the registry may have different software registered. It seems to be the cause.

This message is displayed even though the default application is Outlook.

It seems that it is easy to become an environment where you have installed an old mail client etc. before Windows 10 was released.


The solution was to edit the registry to match the default app settings.
Refer to the following registry value with the registry editor and rewrite the (default) data to "Microsoft Outlook".

Copy and paste the (default) value of this registry value from the software name in Mail

This "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Clients \ Mail" lists the names of the software registered as mail clients.It seems that it works as the default application by setting the one that is normally used as the default from among them (default).

* It is easy to misunderstand the image, but please write it in the subkey (default) in Mail.The red arrow in the image is the copy flow.


This time, I introduced the solution to the phenomenon that the Outlook message is displayed when logging in.

Now that Windows 10 has become quite popular, I think many people are using standard mail clients such as "Hotmail".However, many people would like to use an old-fashioned email client.

Windows 10 works well even with some old software.Then, because you are used to it, there are still cases where you are operating the app you have been using.

At that time, it is possible to put such an old mail client on a computer with Outloook installed.

Then, it seems that this event occurs because it does not write the registry.
After all it seems that there are some parts that can not be handled if the software is old.

Although it is called "warm old wisdom", it will remain "deceased" forever unless it is switched to "new" at certain intervals. It may be good to move to a new environment in order to make the most of the "deceased".

I hope it helps you.


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