[Windows 10] Download the Windows installation disk image using the Media Creation Tool!

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Hello!This time, as a method to obtain the Windows installation disk image from Microsoft, "MediaCrationToolI will introduce the method using.

I think that it is mainly useful in cases such as a manufacturer's PC without recovery media, a home-built PC, etc. that has lost the disc, or an image is needed to update Windows that is not connected to the Internet.

Please note that it will be downloaded from Microsoft, so of course you can only download it in an environment where you can connect to the Internet.

Also, please note that the downloadable installation disk will be updated regularly along with the update of Windows.

Download Media Creation Tool

First from the Microsoft siteMediaCrationToolLet's download.
There is a download page at the link below.

Windows 10 download

If you can move to the page,Download the tool now"Click.
Then, the download will start automatically.
* This file itself is not an image file, so you can download it in a short time.

Once downloaded, the tool is ready.
It will be downloaded in exe format, so if you double-click it as it is, MediaCration Tool will start.

Try downloading the disk image with the Media Creation Tool

MediaCrationTool is a wizard (interactive) software, so basically you can follow the instructions and select the items you need.

* Since it is necessary to download a considerable amount of data (about XNUMXGB) for the work from here, it is not recommended to execute it with tethering etc. with limited capacity.It is preferable to run in an unlimited always-on internet environment.

After starting and waiting for a while, the following license information will appear.
If there is no problem, "agreeClick to proceed.

Next, the screen below is displayed.
This time, the purpose is to get the image file, so the "Create installation media for another PCClick to select, then clickNext"Click.

The next screen will give you a choice of which Windows 10 to get.
here"Use the recommended options for this PCIf "" is checked, I think that there is basically no problem.
* By unchecking this box, the grayed out fields will be released and you will be able to select them.Please select according to your needs.

If there is no problem, "NextClick to proceed.

As a final choice, you can choose to write the installation image directly to the USB drive or save it as an ISO file.
I want an image file this time, so "ISO fileSelect ""Next"Click.

The save destination dialog opens, so give the save location and file name.
* There is a size of about XNUMXGB, so please choose a place where you can save it.

After finishing your preperations,"saveClick "" to start the download.

If you move to the screen below, you can start normally.
If the progress stops at XNUMX%, there may be a problem with the network, so check carefully and try again.

It has a certain capacity (about 30GB), so it depends on the environment, but you should think that it will take a considerable amount of time.It took about 1 minutes in my environment (general optical line XNUMX Gbps)

When the download is completed, the above screen will be displayed.DoneClick "" to finish.After this, the working folder cleanup will start, but rest assured that the saved ISO file will not be deleted.

You can see that the downloaded ISO file has a capacity of about XNUMX GB.

You have now downloaded the Windows image file!
With this tool, you can easily download the latest version at that time, so you can run it without any trouble.

Let's take a look at the contents of the ISO file that was downloaded immediately

You can mount this ISO by double-clicking on the file.

Contents of the mounted ISO file

"Setup.exeYou can manually update and overwrite the OS by executing "", and you can also use the automatic repair tool.In addition, the OS standard repair tool "DISMIf you use something like ", you can repair more powerfully than you can do with the OS alone. (How to use install.wim in the sources folder, etc.)

Of course, if you write this ISO image to media such as DVD, Blu-ray, or USB memory, you can run it on another computer.

[Bonus] Windows edition included

After mounting the ISO image, execute the following command to find out which edition of Windows is included in the ISO disc.It can also be used to find a number that identifies an edition, called an index.

dism / get-wiminfo / wimfile:E:\ sources \ install.wim

The blue marker part is mountedDrive letterPlease rewrite to.
It is OK if the path passes.

You can see that XNUMX editions are included in the ISO image


This time, I introduced how to download the Windows image ISO file.

It often seems that installation and update are the main usage, but when I am involved in work, the most common is "OS repairThere are many opportunities to use it.When using an image file, the greatest strength is that it can be strongly repaired even if the cause is unknown.
At worst, it can also be used when reinstalling the OS.

In the old days, I used to do something by reading it on a disc (slow) or collecting an image (squeezing the storage capacity), but it became easier because I could prepare it if I had an internet environment.
I felt the times when the speed of the line and the disk capacity of the personal computer increased recently.

I hope you find it useful.


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