[Windows 10] Introduction of how to set different images as wallpaper on multiple monitors

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Hello!This time I will introduce how to set different wallpaper for each monitor when using multiple monitors in Windows 10.

Nowadays, many good displays are on sale at a fairly low price.Therefore, I think that it is common to work with multiple displays using screen extensions.

However, if you set the wallpaper normally, the same wallpaper will be displayed on all screens.At first glance, I can't find any setting items, but I can set them with a really small operation.

This time I would like to introduce the little operation.


In the multi-monitor environment of Window10, set the wallpaper for each monitor using only standard functions.

I can't find the settings for each screen from the background of my personal settings.

I can't find any settings on the normal wallpaper setting screen that assume an environment with many screens such as multiple monitors.Now, how should I set it?


Before the procedure, we will proceed on the assumption that the multi-monitor is already connected to the personal computer and it is in the expanded state.

You can open the settings for multiple monitors with the Windows key + P

In the first place, I only use one card except for expansion, so there is no need to set it separately ...

① Use right click on the background setting screen

Actually, it can be set for each monitor with a very simple operation.

Right-click on the thumbnail of the image you want to set in [Choose an image]

On the background image setting screen, select [Image] for [Background] and the item [Select an image] will appear below it.

Then, when you [right-click] on the image you want to set, an item to select the monitor you want to set appears.

It's like a hidden trick!

If you want to select an image you prepared yourself, you can change it by performing the same operation after selecting it by reference.

② Set as a slide show

This is like a snake, but if you set it as a slide show, you can also display different images on each screen.

Set [Background] to [Slideshow] and select the folder containing the images.

Well, in this case, there are some luck factors such as the target image does not appear or it changes with time, so it is enough to know that this method can also be displayed separately on the screen.

If the reason for making a slide show is that you want to set the background for each screen, I think you should teach method (XNUMX).


This time, I introduced how to set a wallpaper image for each screen on a computer with multiple monitors connected.

It's really a mystery why I made it so confusing.
Unless you happen to right-click, it's hard to notice normally.

But it makes me happy to find such a hidden feature!

The personal computer environment these days is either a notebook or a desktop, isn't it?
I think many people choose a desktop because they always use multiple monitors. (Although you can have multiple screens on your notebook, the monitor on the main unit is an obstacle.)

The fact that you can change the image for each monitor means that you can make it your favorite image, of course, but you can also use it to identify the monitor.It is also interesting to prepare a separate image for each screen and combine all the screens into one huge wallpaper.

There may be other interesting ideas that you can use.

I hope it helps you.


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