[Windows 10] About how to disable SmartScreen Registry / GPO / Command introduction

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Hello!This time, I would like to introduce how to disable SmartScreen in Windows 10.

Overview About the event that occurred

SmartScreen is one of the protection features of Windows 10 and is displayed when the safety is not confirmed when the application is executed.Simply put, it's a reminder to do it.

When I try to run an unsafe file, I get a popup like this

Usually, you can often see it in software installers and software that is downloaded and executed from the Internet.If you want to continue running, you can click More Information to run it.

Execution permission screen displayed after clicking [Detailed information] on the previous screen

Malicious programs can be very helpful in case of unintended execution, but it's a bit annoying to see even programs that are already known to be safe.

This time I would like to disable this so that it will not be displayed.
* Of course, the security risk increases when disabling.Please work at your own risk.

Procedure Each setting method

How to set in GPO

First is the setting in GPO. Since it can be applied only to editions higher than Professional, please consider how to apply it with the registry and commands described later in an environment where the Group Policy Editor cannot be started.

The relevant parts of the Group Policy Editor are as follows.

Computer Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Windows Defender SmartScreen \ Explorer \ Windows Defender SmartScreen

You can disable this policy to prevent Defender's SmartScreen from popping up.

It seems that this setting method is often set in the global policy when you want to apply it to the entire company. From the perspective of employees who are not good at PCs, that blue pop-up is bad for the heart.Large companies that have help desks in-house are likely to lead to call suppression.

After completing the settings, you should be able to apply the policy by loading the policy after a while, or by executing the "gpupdate / force" command and restarting.

How to set in the registry

Next is the setting in the registry.
By setting the following registry, you can suppress the popup of SmartScreen like GPO.

Key path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ System Key name: EnableSmartScreen Value: REG_DWORD 0: Disabled 1: Enabled

This is the same registry set by Group Policy earlier.

Since the key is not created in the initial state, right-click the blank part and create a new one with REG_DWORD.

After the creation is completed with the value "0", it will be in the state where it can be applied by restarting.

How to set with a command

At this point, it's easy to create commands.
Just create the registry with the REG ADD command.

reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ System" / v EnableSmartScreen / t REG_DWORD / d 0

When this command is executed, the corresponding registry will be set.
Please reboot and check if you can set it.


This time, I introduced how to disable Defender's SmartScreen.

To be honest, it's annoying, SmartScreen ...
It may be possible to reduce the security risk for general use, but if you repeat the same work such as when you set up at a company and then rent it out, you still have to fight this screen in the same way. It will not be.

It is one way to seal this itself and use it, but personally I can understand the idea of ​​returning it to valid before lending and avoiding risks as much as possible.

Well, this depends on each person's way of thinking ... ^^;

For the time being, this setting method is based on the policy, so to be honest, I have not been able to confirm whether it will work in the Home edition as well.
If anyone has experimented with it, I would appreciate it if you could comment.

I hope it helps you.


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