[Windows 10] How to update Microsoft Edge to Chromium Edge!Upgrade from the old Edge to the new Edge

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Hello!This time I would like to summarize how to update Microsoft Edge.

Edge is the initial software of Windows inherited from Internet Explorer as Microsoft's Internet browser. It's been a long time since Edge became the default, and now I'm using IE less often ...

However, it seems that such Edge has also reached the stage of handing over to the next generation as Chromium Edge.
The times are fast!

I thought I would switch to a new one, but I was confused about how to update it, so I looked it up and summarized it.

The procedure is not that difficult, so let's switch to the new Edge right away!


-Get the update module from the Edge download page

-Run the update module to update Edge


Access the download page

Go to the Edge download page.
There was a link, so you can update it here.

Download Microsoft Edge Web Browser | Microsoft
Download Microsoft Edge, a web browser that offers high performance and productivity, as well as customizable features that give you unmatched control over your data and privacy.

* This page uses the screen when this link is opened in Edge. We will proceed on the assumption that it will be executed on Edge.

★ If you see a screen like this at the top when you start Edge, you can also move from here

The same Microsoft's from the upgrade button that appears when you start Edge
You can access the update page.

Start downloading Microsoft Edge

If you click the link above, you will see the screen below.
Click the [Agree and Download] button to download the update module.

Agree and click download

Perform a Microsoft Edge update

When the download starts, you will see a screen like this, but let's wait without pressing the close button.
Then, the [Execute] button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click it.

Click the execute button to close the Edge screen

After that, the Edge update will start.At this time, if Edge is left running, it will get in the way, so at this timing, click the "x" in the upper right to close it.

Wait until the update process is complete

All you have to do is wait.I was able to update in less than 10 minutes in my environment.

Wait for the process to complete.
When the update is complete, you will see a welcome screen like this.

This completes the Edge upgrade.
After this, the initial setup will start, but please set it according to your personal needs.


This time, I have summarized how to update Microsoft Edge in an article.

I think there are some particularly difficult operations, but let's update it unexpectedly!However, I couldn't find a way to start it manually, so I tried to make it a memorandum.

In addition, Edge will be upgraded in the same way with the quality update program registered in Windows Update on June 6.However, there are still cases where the quality update program itself fails if Edge update is not successful at this time.

In such a case, you need to update Edge first, so I would appreciate it if you could refer to this article. * I will introduce it in another article.

I hope it helps you.


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