[Windows 10] Registry setting command to hide the "Complete setup" screen of Chromium Edge

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Hello!This time, I will introduce a registry change command that prevents the "Complete Setup" screen of "Chromium Edge" that is displayed when logging on to a computer as a new user.

↓ (Reference) Prevents the following pop-up screen from being displayed.

This pop-up is displayed every time, so it gets in the way on a computer that is used by multiple users.

Even if it is for home use, it will be very disturbing if it is used by multiple people at work.
This time, I will introduce how to hide this.

Overview About disabling the full setup screen display of Chromium Edge

This time, I would like to change the registry to disable the full setup screen display of Chromium Edge.

Run the command prompt with administrator privileges, copy and paste the one-line command below, and press Enter to hide the Chromium Edge full setup screen.

Procedure Execute command at the command prompt

XNUMX. XNUMX.Run the command prompt with administrator privileges.

XNUMX.Copy the following command and paste it on the command prompt screen.

XNUMX. XNUMX. Press Enter.

reg add HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Edge /v HideFirstRunExperience /t REG_SZ /d 1 /f 

Explanation Applicable registry and its role

"Can be set by local group policy etc."Hide first-time experience and splash screenThe registry that is the substance of the policy of ""EffectivenessIt is a command to change to.

Group Policy indirectly modifies the registry to enable / disable features.
This time, the following registry is changed.

Key: HKLM \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Edge Subkey: HideFirstRunExperience Value: 1 (Hide) 0 (Show)

It is possible to set it with local group policy, but since it is necessary to import the policy file in updated Windows 10, it seems better to set it this way with less effort.
The policy file is available from the link below, so if you need it, please download it here.

■ Microsoft -Edge download page

Download Microsoft Edge for Business-Microsoft
Download and deploy the latest Microsoft Edge updates for your business, school, or organization.Get the security, compatibility, and search capabilities you need.

* You can enable [Get Policy File] by selecting the channel / version.


This time, I introduced a method to hide the "Complete setup of Chromium Edge" screen.

I think that it is rare for individuals who use personal computers to create multiple user accounts on their personal computers, but there are an unspecified number of people, such as shared personal computers in public places and when deploying large-scale personal computer environments. This method may be useful when you create a user account and use a personal computer.

I hope it helps you.


  1. Questioner Than:

    What is a complete setup in the first place?

    • Fas Than:

      Thank you for your comment!
      When you actually try the complete setup, you can change the display design and set the account to synchronize.Is it the final process?
      Apart from that, the design works fine even in the initial state, and it can be used normally even if it is out of synchronization.

      Well, I think it's probably a translation error when translating into Japanese.
      In the Japanese version, the word "complete" is strong, but in the English version, it is "Complete Setup", so it probably means "complete the setup" or something like that.

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