[Windows 10] Solution when Windows Update or installation of optional features fails due to "0x8024402C" error!


Hello!This time, I would like to introduce a solution to the case where Windows update or installation of optional functions fails due to the "0x8024402C" error that has been common for a long time.


In my case it happened during the installation of optional features.
The following error screen is displayed and the function installation has failed.

[Settings] → [Apps] → [Apps and Features] → [Optional Features] → [Add Features] How to install RSAT failed

On the computer where this occurs, the same error is displayed when installing other optional functions, and the same error code is often returned even if Windows Update is performed.

From this, it can be inferred that it is probably caused by a common cause.


This error code is caused by interrupted or unreachable communication with Microsoft's servers.

Normally, both Windows Update and installation of optional features are performed by downloading data from Microsoft's servers.For that reason, it seems that this error code is displayed and processing stops when communication is lost.

Please note that due to the nature of the event, which is interrupted in the middle, it often causes serious damage to the system.


Make sure your internet connection is stable

If the internet line is not stable, communication may be interrupted on the way.

Internet lines have become quite good these days, so basically if you have a wired connection, it will not be a problem.

However, if you are using tethering using a mobile phone or using an old standard Wifi router, sudden disconnection is quite possible.In an environment where this error occurs, it is safer to use the priority LAN as much as possible.

Also, the installation may be completed if you retry many times without rebooting.
This is also evidence that the network is not stable, but when it works, it happens to work.Since the cause has not been resolved, it may be necessary to improve the network, but I think it will be an emergency.

Check if the proxy settings etc. are correct

If you have set up a proxy (: relay server), you may be blocking access to Microsoft's servers.Especially in the company's internal network and public Wifi, there is a possibility that the settings around that are severely set.

In that case, you may be able to avoid it by setting the proxy to auto-detect or connecting to another network.

Go to [Settings] → [Internet Options] → [Connections tab] → [LAN Settings]
Check Detect settings automatically

It may be a good idea to uncheck the proxy server.
Well, it's not a very effective method for corporate LANs, but ...You may want to ask your network representative.Maybe you have a separate setting for connecting to the WindowUpdate server.

Check for malware and viruses

In this case, I don't want to doubt it, but it may have been infected with some virus and set to relay to some server.

In that case, of course, you intend to connect to Microsoft, but you may have connected to a completely different server.

Perform a complete scan with antivirus software to eliminate the possibility.
In the worst case, it may cause damage to people who are in the same network, so be sure to isolate it from the network.

Attempt system repair

There may be some damage to the system and the network information may not be handled properly.
It may work if you try all the repair commands and then reconnect.

Please refer to this article for system repair commands.

Try to install locally

If it is Windows Update, I think that it can be applied by downloading it from the Windows Update Catalog and executing it locally.Make a note of the KB number you want to apply and search for it.

■ Windows Update Catalog

Regarding optional functions, there is a package when you extract the FOD ISO file downloaded from the Volume License Center, but it is for administrators because it can not be done with a general Microsoft account.

■ Volume Licensing Center

■ Microsoft reference article

About the addition of optional features (FOD) in Windows 10


This time, I introduced the solution when Windows Update or installation of optional functions fails due to "0x8024402C" error.

I often see this message when it is executed during tethering with Windows Update automatic update enabled.I don't see it in an environment where it is connected by wire too much.

Rather, I feel that the "0x800f0954" error is more common in a wired environment.

I feel that the "0x8024402C" error is more dependent on network issues than on Windows itself.It often happens that you are in trouble in an elaborate network environment such as a school or a company.

In my experience, these methods worked around it, but there may be other unknown solutions.If you have any information, I would be grateful if you could let me know in the comments ♪

I hope it helps you.


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