[Windows 10] Optional functions (.NET FrameWork 0, RSAT, XPS viewer, etc.) cannot be installed / added due to 800x0954f3.5 error.


Hello!This time, I had a problem with Windows 10, so I will introduce the problem and the solution.

The troubled event isWindows 10 optional features cannot be installedThat's it.
I think that this probably does not occur in principle on a general-purpose personal computer.I think it is a Windows-specific problem prepared for companies.

Optional functions are typical.NET Frameworks 3.5, RSAT, XPS Viewer, etc.I think that can be mentioned.These are disabled by default, so you'll need to enable them.At that very moment, it happened in my environment.

Windows 10 is constantly evolvingIt has been announced by the OS and Microsoft.Naturally, the function will be updated every time it is updated.However, that muchMore features are being disabledTo go.As a result, an error that could not occur before occurs.

This time, I think it will be a study case of problems associated with such updates.

About the event that occurred

This event occurs when installing optional features of Windows 10.

What is an optional function?In short, Windows standards such as .NetFrameWork3.5, RSAT, XPS Viewer, Internet Explorer, etc.Ability to add disabled features later.

You can also install functions that are out of the standard due to the update from here.
FODAlso known as (Feature On Demand), MicrosoftDownload from serverdo itInstallWill do it.

* Since you already know who will reach this page, I will omit the method.

However, when installing using this function, the followingThe screen is displayed and an error occursIt may become.

Screen example when an error occurs (when added from programs and functions)
Screen example when an error occurs (when added from [Settings] → [Apps] → [Optional Functions])

This was a problem this time,0x800F0954 error.
Optional features cannot be enabled in this state.

Possible causes

As a result of this surveyUnder a network environment with a WSUS serverI was able to confirm that it occurs in.

WSUS is often installed to manage updates such as Windows Update in the enterprise.
Mainly to exclude updates etc. that you do not want to applyDeploy only the updates you needI think I often do it.

However, if this WSUS server is in the network, even during this installation using FODInteract with the internal WSUS server without going to see Microsoft's serverI confirmed that I was going to do it.

Do not interact directly with Microsoft servers in an environment with a WSUS server

result,Not configured to use FOD on WSUS sideIf with the above errorInstallation failedI will do it.

Countermeasure-Avoid with local GPO-

This time due to the nature of the eventSuitable to avoid with local GPOI think.
In the event I encountered, the following two changes were necessary.
* For the local GPO editor, execute "gpedit.msc" by specifying the file name (Windows key + R) And click "OK" to start.

① [Computer Configuration] → [Administrative Templates] → [Windows Update] → [Windows Update on the Internet]Do not connect] To "InvalidSet to

(XNUMX) Set "Specify settings for installing optional components and repairing components" in "Computer Configuration-> Administrative Templates-> System" to "Enabled" and replace "Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)". To,From Windows UpdateRepair content and optional featuresDownload directlyCheck "Yes"

Finally, "gp update / force"Run in the admin console to apply the policyThen it's OK.

After this, try installing the optional features again.
You have now installed it in your environment.

* If you are worried about it, please restart it and then install it.

Countermeasure-Avoid with the registry- * Added 2021/2/12

It seemed that I could avoid it by editing the registry, so I added it.

The information in the registry is as follows.

Registry that sets whether Windows Update goes to see servers on the Internet
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ WindowsUpdate \ AU Subkey: UseWUServer Value: REG_DWORD
0: Disable Windows Update on the Internet
1: Enable Windows Update on the Internet

This registry does not exist unless you add it once or set it in the GPO, so create a new one.If you set this value to "0", restart the service, and then install FOD, it seems that it can be completed normally.

You can also restart the service from the task manager.

After completion, I think that you can return to the original environment by deleting the registry and restarting the service in the same way.

If you still can't install

Attempt OS repair

As mentioned above, if Windows is normalWSUS interferes with communication with Microsoft serversIt seems to occur because of this, if the OS is normal.

SomethingOS corruptionThere,Unexpected movementIt may be caused by having done.
Consider that case as wellPerform OS repairYou may see it.

Install from FOD ISO

Separately for adding optional functionsInstall offlineMicrosoft has provided a way to do this.

About the addition of optional features (FOD) in Windows 10
Features On Demand
Features on Demand v2 (Capabilities), introduced in Windows 10, are Windows feature packages that can be added at any time. Common features include language res...

However, this is from the Volume Licensing CenterDownload ISOI don't think it's a means for general users because it takes shape.In the first place, the case where this event occurs will be an organization of a certain size that has introduced WSUS, so this method may also be useful.

* If I have a chance, I would like to write an article about offline installation of FOD.


This time0x800f0954I introduced how to avoid the error.

Normally, this error will occurThere is a problem with the WSUS configurationHowever, in such cases, large companies often tend to delay their response.I often hear that it is only started when the business is affected, and it takes a considerable amount of time to complete it.

With this methodTemporarily avoid by setting only on the user sideYou can do it, so you don't have to waste time interacting with it unnecessarily.

There are many companies that are directly connected to business such as .NET Framework 3.5, RSAT, XPS viewer, etc., so it will be close to waiting = business stop.

However, this method is justHow to avoid.
There is another real cause, soContact WSUS admins for actionI think that is the original way.

I hope it helps you.


  1. Matsuyama Than:

    Thank you!
    I was able to avoid it.
    As you said, the IT at the head office did not respond easily, and I was in trouble because the PC setup did not proceed at all almost two months after the purchase.
    Thank you very much for helping me.

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  3. (I.e. Than:

    Folder structure of ② below?Was different from my PC at the company and I couldn't proceed.
    ① was also different, but I managed to find it.
    (XNUMX) Set "Specify settings for installing optional components and repairing components" to "Enabled" in "Computer Configuration-> Administrative Templates-> System" and replace "Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)". Check "Download repair content and optional features directly from Windows Update"

  4. Fas Than:

    Thank you for your comment!

    Your GPO configuration is different, isn't it?
    GPOs may be added or customized later, so they may differ from this article in configuration.

    In that case, is it a way to find a GPO with the same content or edit the registry that I added?

    If there is no problem in compliance, I think it is effective to connect to an external network and try it.

    I'm sorry I don't have much material.

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