[Windows 10] "Windows 10 installation failed" is displayed and Windows Update etc. cannot be updated! ??Causes and countermeasures when an event occurs when the error is "0x80070070"!


Hello!This time, I would like to introduce a solution for the phenomenon that Windows Update etc. fails due to the error of "0x80070070".

In my case, it occurred when the Windows function update (: FU) was executed.
The error dialog is so simple that some people may find it difficult to find the cause.

This time, while reviewing the method of checking the error number at the time of FU, I would like to write an article on how to deal with "0x80070070".


When I download the latest Windows installation disk image and execute Setup.exe to perform Windows 10 FU, the following message dialog is displayed and it fails.

Window display example at the time of failure

It's a fairly simple error display, and I have no idea what the cause is.
It is rare that there is little information that can be read so far.

In such a case, I may use an event viewer or system information acquisition tool, but this time I was able to confirm the error number in Setupact.log.

Since it was an error during the update, I found the following error number display in "C: \ $ WINDOWS. ~ BT \ Sources \ Panther \ Setupact.log".With this, it seems that this time it can be solved by checking either 0x80070070 or 0xC19001DF.

SetupHost: Reporting error event-> [0x80070070, 0xC19001DF]


The "0x80070070" error is mainly due to insufficient storage space.
Often, it is often found as a set when there is not enough free space, but due to the simple display, it was not immediately discovered.

It seemed to be displayed more clearly on other versions of Windows.

[0x80070070] "Insufficient free space" is displayed and I cannot upgrade from Windows 8.1 to windows10.
I purchased lenovo yoga tablet2 and want to upgrade from windows8.1 to windows10, but I can't update with the error code "0x80070070" or "Insufficient free space".By the way, there is a free space of 15㎇.The free upgrade deadline is until tomorrow.Please tell me as soon as possible. ** Moderator Note ...

Windows error numbers often have the same meaning even if the versions are different to some extent.


The reason is that there is little free space, so you can simply increase the free space.

To free up space, you can delete unnecessary files and applications, run a disk cleanup tool, or fix a problem that is squeezing the disk for some other reason.I think it is safe to prepare about 20GB as a guideline for securing free space.

Let's try again as soon as we have enough free space!

Also, "0x80070070" is more than "low free space""I can't secure enough space to work"Means more accurately.

If there is a system error or the hard disk is damaged, the work area cannot be secured even though there is free space, and the same error may occur.I think there is no loss even if you try to repair the system once.

Well, it may be one way to replace it with a larger storage and then execute it.
In that case, it's a wallet and budget consultation.


This time, I wrote about the event that the update fails because Windows cannot secure the work area.

When I looked it up, I found that quite a lot of people were suffering from the same error, and I'm glad that I was able to write an article as one method.In my experience, there are certainly people who get this error when updating Windows.

Especially, I have the impression that there are many people who use SSD-equipped models.
SSD is fast but has a small capacity, and depending on the item, it is often only about 64GB.I used to use a 64GB SSD until a few years ago, so I was always suffering from lack of capacity.

Most HDD models are equipped with large-capacity ones instead of slow operation, so I think that this error is unlikely to occur.

Also, SSD does not slow down so much even if there is little free space, but HDD tends to slow down if there is no free space of about 30%, so "Let's free up because the free space is lowIt may be one of the causes that there are few chances.

It seems good to secure enough free space so that you do not spend time on extra errors.

I hope it helps you.


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