[Windows] The "Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface" driver keeps throwing errors in the event log when restarting (IntelPTTEkRecertification.exe)


Hello!This time intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface: Below, TXEI (IntelPTTEkRecertification.exe)ButContinues to give an error every time it restartsAbout the event解决I will show you how.

In the case of IFree hard disk spaceRandomlyLessI was investigating what happened.As a resultCurity softwareIs this driverDetect errorAnd an errorFile that seems to be for reportingTheAccumulationIt was the cause.

Fundamental solutionTherefore, an error is issued in the first placeDriver repairThe we.


Windows10 Build.1903 to Build.2004ToAfter OS update(FU),Event LogAn Intel TXE error was output every time I restarted. (On the event log, "IntelPTTEkRecertification.exe")with this,security software OfError report fileEtc.IncreaseThen,Squeeze the dischave done.

IntelPTTEkRecertification.exe seems to be included in the Intel TXEI driver


WindowsDriver malfunction when updatingHas occurred,Every rebootThere is an error in the event logContinue to be outputIt seems.

Windows10 To Build.1809 or later,Update from old BuildToThere are major system changesLikely, variousDriver on the manufacturer's siteIf you look at thatThe driver is separated by separatingThere are many things.

Similarly for Intel TXEIProblems occur after 1809It seems that there are many cases.


In my caseUpdate to new driverBy doing so, the error was avoided.Download from Intel's official pageThen,Install by overwritingWas.

Intel® Trusted Execution Engine (Intel® TXE) Driver for Windows 7 and Windows® 10 * for NUC11CJY, NUC7PJY
Install the Intel® Trusted Execution Engine driver and firmware for Windows® * 7 and Windows * 7 for Intel® NUC10CJY, NUC11PJY.

During installationYou need to find the right driver for your computerBecause of IntelAutomatic update toolOr use the pageRead carefully and workplease.

Balance with security wear

In the environment I could see, it was Symantec Endpoint Protection, but thisDetect errordo it,Log file for error reportingTheAccumulate locallyI was there.aboutAbout 30GBWas eating up.

The SEP error report file is stored in% ProgramData% \ Symantec \ Symantec Endpoint Protection \ CurrentVersion \ Data \ ErrMgmt \ Queue \ Incoming.It can be deleted, but it will accumulate more and more until the error is corrected.

OurAfter error correctionIs a security software or diskCleanup is also essentialI think it will be.


This time, I introduced a solution to the phenomenon that intel TXEI keeps giving an error every time it is restarted.

Since intel TXEI is a driver related to security, I think that it will be a category that requires prompt response, especially when it is operated by a corporation.

In this article, I mentioned only this driver, but it seems that it is safe for any driver to generate a similar error in Windows 10 with repeated FU updates.

Especially for Windows 10 Build.1809 or earlier at the time of shipment from the manufacturer, it is recommended that you update the driver at the same time after updating to a later Build.

In my case, the pressure on the disc was enough, but in some cases, it may not be possible to boot or the operation may be slowed down.

Windows 10 will improve its performance by updating it every six months, but it is a little disappointing that it will take appropriate measures to use it for a long time.However, it is a merit that you can continue to use old hardware with confidence if it is firmly attached. (It's a little difficult, but ...

I hope it helps you.

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There was an error in Device Manager for the Intel® TXEI for Intel® NUC product.
Describes how to resolve the error in Device Manager.
(Solution) Driver Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface Error | MEMO-LOG
Driver Intel Management Engine Interface Error This type of driver may not be working properly in Device Manager in Windows 10 environment This device, which is common with Atom type NUCs and tablets, cannot be started. (Code 10 ...


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