[Windows] How to get and display the "directory path" of all "user profiles" with a one-line command


Hello!This time, with a one-line command, "User profile file pathIntroducing the command to get ".

Can't install the software or has a strange account registered on your PC?When you say something like that, use this one-line command to display the user profile list and check it.
Maybe you can find some hints.

In addition, in Windows Update such as function update program, there is a process to migrate the data in the "user profile" while transforming it to suit the new OS.At that time, if there is a strange file in the "user profile", Windows Update will fail no matter how many times I try!There is also such a thing.It is also useful in such a case!

Thing you want to do

I want to execute a command on the current Windows 10 standard console "Powershell" and get a list of user profile paths.

How to use

Just copy the following script into PowerShell, paste it, and execute it.
It gets and displays the path list of "User Profile" on your PC.

Execution example (virtual terminal for testing)

If you look at this, you can see that there is one user profile and three profiles for the system.

Script example

 Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_UserProfile | Select-Object -Property LocalPath


"Get-CimInstanceThe cmdlet is "WMIIt is a cmdlet called "= Windows Management Instrumentation" that allows you to access data with almost any information about Windows.

here,"-ClassName Win32_UserProfileAccess all information in the "User Profile" by adding the "" option, and then "Select-Object -Property LocalPathLocal path of "User Profile" (=Local PathOnly the property) is selected and displayed.

Most of the information on Windows is this "WMIYou can get it from ", so if you want to know more, please check it out.You can also get the amount of memory installed, CPU, OS version, hard disk, connected USB and interface, etc.


This time, with a one-line command, "User profile file pathI introduced the command to get ".

"User profile" often needs to be confirmed due to errors when using Windows Update or PC.The reason is that a mysterious file is created in the profile that cannot be moved.

The most common case is that if you make a copy of the profile in the profile as a backup, it will fail.Even in such a case, if you check the profile with this command, you will get interesting results.

Well, when checking the user information registered on my PC, I think it is convenient to pick up the information in one line in the first place!I don't know if it's a computer that only I use, and if it's used by multiple people, I can find out who is using it.

Also, as mentioned above, "WMIIs very convenient to master.
Even when installing software, you can compare it with the specifications when you get the "OS version" and "physical memory amount installed", and you cannot get the information because "WMI" is not working properly. There are also failures.

If you want to know more details, pleaseGet-CimInstancePlease check the command.
More if there is an opportunityWMII would like to write an article about this, so thank you ♪

I hope it helps you.


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