[Windows 10] What to do if the update cannot be applied due to a 0x80071a2d error


Hello! This time0x80071a2d errorThe update isNot applicableHere's how to solve the problem.

■ Event

When applying the update0x80071a2d errorWill fail.
In my environment, an error was output in the event log.

Also, on the terminal where this event is occurringEvent viewer cannot be openedWas happening at the same time, and I was able to copy the event log to another terminal and check it.

If you experiment carefully, there are many events related to .NET Framework 3.5, and you used .NET Framework.Application does not start, From enabling optional features to the same componentCan't be activatedIt has become. (Display items are different from normal)

■ Possible causes

From the above, it is possible that the .NET Framework is corrupted.
However, since the .NET Framework cannot be reinstalled and cannot be enabled / disabled from optional functions,It is currently difficult to repair .NET with pinpointIt seems.

.NET is included as part of the OS feature, and the fact that it can't be operated meansThink of it as a system file corruptionI think.

■ Solution

simplySolved by overwriting the OSWas.
Once the repair is complete, Event Viewer can also open successfully.

If you can't fix it this way, you may want to try some repair commands as well.

■ Postscript

This time, I introduced what to do when the update program cannot be applied due to a 0x80071a2d error.

At first glance, it looks like a problem with the .NET Framework, so I rushed to fix it.
However, when it was actually repaired, it was fixed by a rough repair of overwriting the OS itself.Probably because the OS itself also contains .NET components, it could be repaired at the same time.

If you try to solve an error only in the visible part, you will often get stuck in a swamp.
Even in such a case, it may be possible to save time and man-hours by trying to repair it roughly without rushing. (I don't know the real cause after all ... Is there a bug in the .NET update program ...?)

I hope it helps you.


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