[Windows] Application cannot be started due to 0xc000012f error


Hello!This timeApplication cannot be started with 0xc000012f errorHere are some examples of how to deal with the situation.

In the case I encountered, various software such as Microsoft OfficeIt doesn't start at all.
If you take a closer look at the error that pops up at that time,DLL file contains errorI was getting the error message.

When I investigated this, it was unexpectedly deep and there were various causes, so I took this opportunity to summarize it.


When you start the application, "0xc000012fI get an error and it doesn't start.

Example error message
[Full path to DLL]MSVCP140.dllCannot be run on windows or contains an error.Reinstall using the original installation media, or contact your system administrator or software manufacturer.Error status 0x000012f

When this happens, it seems that software such as Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Adobe's PhotoShop, Illustrator, NVIDIA's Web Helper, etc. cannot be started.

Also, it seems to be caused by various DLLs other than MSVCP140.dll.
(c2rui.dll, adobe_caps.dll, VCOMP140.dll ... etc.


MSVCP140.dll is like a VC ++ 2015 runtime dll file, so thatFile corruptedIt is thought that the cause is that it has been done.The cause of the damage was just beforeSince we are doing Windows Update, there is a high possibility that it was damaged at that timeIt seems.

However, when I looked it up,A similar 140x0f error is displayed for DLL errors other than MSVCP000012.dllIt is like.
Then, the reason why the application cannot be started is thatThe DLL file used by the application is corruptedI think it's natural to think that you've done it.

If you take a closer look at the path of the corrupted DLL file,Files under% WINDIR% \ System32 \You can see that.Then, in this case,Corruption of system files held by the OSYou can see that.


OS overwrite repair

In my case I was able to fix it this way. Using the OS installation imageOverwrite installation and repair system filesIt seems that I was able to do it.

Update the runtime that contains the DLL file

When I search by the name of the DLL file,The runtime package that contains the DLL fileCan be found.

For example, MSVCP140.dll is included in the VC ++ 2015 redistributable package.Also, even if you have a new runtime package installed, you may still request the old dll file if the software you are using is old.

If only the OS is new and the installed software is old, try installing it.Is also one hand.

Download Visual C ++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015 from Official Microsoft Download Center
Visual C ++ Redistributable Package uses Visual Studio 2015 & # ...

Re-download and reinstall the software installer

DLL file isMany of them usually come with an installerI think.
The installer may also include a runtime package that includes the DLLs mentioned above.

If the startup fails despite this,The installer itself may be corruptedIt means that there is.

Recently, only the license key is notified, not the package version included in the disc, and the download version of the software that is downloaded and installed from the Internet is becoming mainstream.

It's not a bad thing in itself, but it doesn't mean that the installer won't get corrupted depending on the download environment and the conditions of your computer.

Download the installer again from the beginning, Reinstall or repair installMay be good.

Apply / remove updates

Doubt Windows UpdateIs one way.

The DLL will be rewritten even on Windows Update. You can think of Windows Update as breaking the DLL, but as a result of a successful system file update, old software can still stop working.

Therefore, most recentlyRemove installed updatesIf you try or if a new update is availableApply new oneIn many cases, you will be able to start it up unexpectedly.


This time, I introduced the countermeasures when the application cannot be started due to the 0xc000012f error.

This error seems to occur because the DLL file cannot be read. A DLL is a collection of instructions that can be conveniently used by software called a dynamic link library.It's no wonder that it can't be started because it's absolutely necessary for it to work.

I didn't introduce it here, but you may be able to fix it by bringing in a DLL file with the same name from another working computer.However, it is not recommended because there are many cases where other DLLs are broken after fixing one.

In my case, it seems good to conclude that the DLL that the OS originally has is broken, but looking at various cases on the Internet, there are many cases where the DLL installed at the time of software installation is broken. I can do it.I think that many cases can be followed by the method I introduced, but I would be grateful if you could let me know if something goes wrong.

I hope it helps you.


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