[Windows 10] What to check if the OS update fails with "0x8007042B --0x3000D MIGRATE_DATE The installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT phase phase because an error occurred during the operation"!I mean, a useful solution for all update failures!


Hello!This timeFails with "10x0B" when updating OS of Windows 8007042I will write an article about the case.This error has been very high since the release of Windows 10Long-standing as a nasty problemContinue to do.

In a sense, if this problem can be solved, we need to take various measures so that we can deal with other update failures.

I have been worried about this issue for a long time.Survey results so far and my own solutionI would like to introduce all of them.


After the first reboot when updating with the OS function update program (hereinafter: FU), the process does not proceed from a certain percentage.If you leave it as it is or turn off the power in the middle, system restore will start and it will return to the original OS version (hereinafter: rollback)

At that time, a small window of the setup opens,"0x8007042B --0x3000D MIGRATE_DATE The installation failed during the FIRST_BOOT phase due to an error during the operation."Is displayed.

As another pattern, in addition to "0x8007042B --0x3000D"Patterns like the table belowHas been confirmed

Error codePhasepercentage
0x8007042B --0x2000D MIGRATE_DATESAFE_OS phaseAbout 30%
0x8007042B --0x3000D MIGRATE_DATEFIRST_BOOT phaseAbout 48%
0x8007042B --0x4000D MIGRATE_DATESECOND_BOOT phaseAbout 89%
0x800700B7 --0x2000A PREPARE_FIRST_BOOTSAFE_OS phaseAbout 30-40%
There are many variations

They all behave similarly, but with different percentages and error messages.Also,The property of rolling back after spending a lot of timeTherefore, when this happens, it takes a lot of time for trial and error.


Windows SetupOccurs when there are files that cannot be copied or movedIt seems.

The cause of this is difficult to identify, so I will omit it, but it seems that it is mostly a problem of how the user uses it, or it is often damaged by irregular operations.

The data that cannot be copied or moved as a result will be caught when the OS is updated, and will not proceed as it is.

In the error message"MIGRATE_DATE"The error that occurred during the operation of was telling almost everything.

The cause is very simple, but its sources are truly diverse.It is difficult to find the cause unless you listen to the user and make a deduction.

This is only the case I met, but I will post the solution.


Folders and files that do not exist in the user profile list exist in the profile directory

This pattern is the most common case I have seen.
OS update fails with MIGRATE_DATE error if there is extra data in% USERPROFILE%.

The directory containing the user profile is managed by the OS.
Look at the system information to see if there is any extra data.

First, enter "Display advanced system settings" from the "Search bar" and click the search result.

"System Properties" will open. Click the "Settings" button for the user profile item in the "Advanced Tab".

Then, the profile list of the person using the PC will be displayed.
Of these, the string after the last \ in the name column is the folder name that may be in your user profile.
* The "default profile" is the profile of the "Default" user, so it does not matter if it exists. There is no problem because "Public" is also a folder used in the system.

Based on this information, if there are unnecessary files or folders in the user profile directory

Probably, I think that this happened when I tried to back up the data.Don't put extra data in the profile directorylet's do it.

There is a corrupted file in the user profile

Earlier we talked about the directory where the user profile is located, but this time the case is due to the contents of the profile.

File corruption can be deleted as usual in most cases, soDelete files that are obviously corrupted.

However, depending on how it breaks,It is not deleted and remains as it isthere is.If that happens, the copy will fail because it cannot be moved or erased like a stone tape.

In this case, it is often a shortcut to use a specialized tool, but I personally recommend it.Move the profile from the profile directory once or rename the profile folderIs to do.

In some cases, this caused recovery.
However, manipulating the profile manually is a task that requires knowledge and experience, so if you do not have yourself, you should consider another method.

Also, simplyIllegal file name (name is too long or contains illegal characters)There are also cases.
If you can identify the data that cannot be moved, it is a good idea to observe those parts.

Profile exists in profile * Added 2021/2/12

User profiles are in addition to user dataThe files used by the system are also stored internally. for that reason,Error if there is a copy of the user profile itself in the user profileIt becomes.

A common case is when a user copies the user profile itself as a backup to their document, OneDrive, etc.

In that case, it may be successful to save it in a place not related to the profile, such as directly under the C drive.

If you are looking for a profile, please refer to the following article.

The trash can is broken

If you don't see any particularly problematic files in your profileSee the trashI think it's good.
The trash can is actually set for each drive partition and exists in the form associated with each profile.

Normally, it is hidden as system protection data and cannot be viewed, but it can be viewed by following the steps below.

First, open the local disk.
Then, there is a "View tab" in the upper menu, so click it and then click "Options".

This will open the folder options. Click the "Hide protected operating system files" checkbox to uncheck it and click the "OK" button.

A warning message will be displayed at that time, but click "Yes" to proceed.

If the display settings are correct, "$ Recycle.Bin" will be displayed on the screen of the local disk.This is the actual file of the trash can.This content contains the files given to the trash for each profile.

In my way, thisCompletely delete all "$ Recycle.Bin" and restartI was able to delete the malicious file by doing. * It may not be possible to delete it unless it is in another OS environment.In that case, please prepare Linux or Windows PE environment separately.

After the work is completed, return the system protection to effective by referring to the previous procedure.Please

Security tools such as malware and antivirus lock files

This is also a frequent event,Security software was grabbing the system fileIn this case, the file cannot be moved because it is being searched.In rare cases, there was also a pattern in which a virus-infected file could not be moved while quarantining it.

The most common is the behavior detection type, which often leads to this error if tools that judge and stop software that behaves suspiciously are installed.The poor quality is that Windows Update itself messes with system files ...The rest is as you might expect.

In such a case,Pause or uninstall the antivirus tool before running itIt often works well.

However, security will be weakened even temporarily, so before doing this, advancePerform a full scan of your security software and then isolate it from your networkI think it's better to do it in the same state.

If you were really infected with a virus, it would be irreparable.

The Microsft Store is being updated or the store app is corrupted

In FU, in addition to Windows itselfUpdate installed store appsIncludes movements to do.
Therefore, an error may occur if the store app is damaged or there is no store app that must be installed by default.

In the past, when Windows 10 Build.1511 and 1607 were used, the success rate was more dependent on store apps, so it was often impossible to FU without uninstalling all store apps or installing a specific store app. It was.

Please refer to this article for details on repairing store apps.

There is a corrupted file in the system file

In this case, you simply cannot move the corrupted system file and an error occurs.
System file corruption is different from normal corruption and some are repaired automatically.
However, if this repair movement does not work,FU fails because the system stays lockedTo do.

Also, if you try to repair it manually, it will often be flipped if you try to overwrite it or copy it from a healthy Windows due to permission issues.

In such cases, eachSystem repair command enabled.
Please refer to another article for more details.

There are a large number of small files

This case is a common phenomenon in university laboratories and corporate big data analysis workstations.

Computers that perform analysis and simulation generate a tremendous amount of files such as logs and temporary analysis files.There is a strong tendency for people with programming work and Web servers to occur.

As far as I know, it often happens in environments where Visual Studio, MATLAB, CATIA, AUTOCAD, Metasequoia, Adobe CC series (PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc.) are installed.In addition to this, there are cases where the PHP operating environment is installed or it is operating as an SQL server.

AnywayFail if you have a lot of small filesRather than doing it, it takes a lot of time to update,I gave up on the way and turned off the power and rolled backThis often results in this error.

In such a case, temporarilyMove to another storage location for each environmentI think it's quick.
Temporarily move small files by giving a name such as "temporary save" to "directly under C drive"I think that the update can proceed without any influence.

By the way, in the case I dealt with, I left the computer running FU on the computer that was brought in as having failed due to this error.One day laterThere is a case that it was completed.

Please note that it depends on the performance of the saved drive.

Peripheral locks files

In this case,FU fails with peripherals attachedIt is doing.
Before FURemove unnecessary peripheralsLet's do it.

Most often come with software to authenticate"USB dongle key"This is the case where something called is executed while connected.
Due to the nature of dongle keysWorks against the authentication information inside WindowsTo do.
That you are usingFile is locked and FU failsI will do it.

If you are using a dongle key, another factor isDongle key driver is not compatible with OSThat can also be a factor in failure.

If used,I think it will work if I update the driver and then run it.. If you are familiar with keywords such as HASP, akshasp.sys, and Aladdin, it is often easier to update.

The driver is not compatible with the new Windows

Just like the dongle key case earlierFailure if the driver is oldYou must to do something before you go on.

In this case, virtualize the entire OS andSuccess when doing FU in virtual environmentThere are many things.
However, it feels terrible to do it in a general environment ...Moreover, even if you write back the successful image in the virtual environment to the actual machineThe driver is old and will not startIt's annoying because there are many things.

First of allUpdate driverIf you start from that, you may find a clue to the solution.

In addition, sometimes problems occur with drivers that are virtually installed by the software.
* Software for mounting the ISO image of DVD, etc.
In that caseUpdate or uninstall the software itselfplease.It is also an ant to check with the vendor and collect information!

OneDrive is syncing and the file is locked * 2021/2/12 postscript

OneDrive is one of the tools to sync files on Microsoft servers.
I think there are quite a lot of Windows users using this.

Most of this OneDrive depends on the settingsSynchronize folders in user profileI am letting you.for that reason,OneDrive is lockedIt seems that the OS update fails.

In that case, there are many things that can be avoided by quitting OneDrive or pausing synchronization and then executing OS update.

How to quit OneDrive

Right-click the OneDrive icon in the task tray to open the menu. You can exit by pressing "Close OneDrive".

To pause synchronization, open the menu and click "Pause synchronization".Then, a selection list of stop time will appear, so select how long you want to stop and click. * 8 hours is usually fine.

How to pause folder sync

Perhaps OneDrive will start again when it is restarted just by quitting, so I think it is better to try with a pause in synchronization.

* Please note that there are several versions of OneDrive, so the same screen may not be displayed.


This time, I introduced the solution for the case where "10x0B" fails when updating the OS of Windows 8007042.

To be honest, I don't feel like this article is a comprehensive solution to even other failure cases, let alone "0x8007042B".Therefore, I think that it will be helpful even if it is an error other than that.
I would be grateful if you could recover from as many errors as possible.

I have enumerated a large amount of information, so I think it is difficult to put it into practice unless you have some knowledge.I would like to write an article in the future, including explanations individually.

In addition, this solution includes the possibility of accessing important data of the OS or destroying it if the operation is mistaken.Please make a sufficient backup and do it at your own risk.

Unfortunately, I don't think we have been able to collect enough information to resolve XNUMX% of the information.If you have any information that you can provide, please leave it in the comments.

I hope it helps you.


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