[Windows 10] What to do if Windows Update (KB0) fails due to 800x0922f5003173 error


Hello!This time, I would like to introduce what to do when Windows Update (May 2021, 5: KB11) fails to apply due to a "5003173x0f800" error.

This error is a fairly well-known error, but it is often seen mainly in cases where "read / write" fails.

However, I think this case is a little acrobatic cause, and it is a cause that occurs only this time.

[Event] Error occurrence and event viewer recording

First is the event viewer record when trying to apply KB5003173 normally and failing.

0x800f0922 error is recorded in Event Viewer

In this way, you can check the status value when you try to install KB and it fails.
0x800f0922 is the cause of this failure.

[Cause] What if Edge update failed?

It seems to occur because "Microsoft Edge" could not be updated.

Because, this KB5003173 seems to include a program to update "Edge: Old Edge" to "Chromium Edge: New Edge".

If the Edge has not been updated yet, there will be a move to update to the new Edge at the same time.
It seems that this fails in some way, and the update program also fails to apply.

[Solution] Avoid by updating Edge in advance

In my case, I was able to avoid it by updating Edge in advance.

Please refer to the following article for how to update Edge.


This time, I introduced what to do when application fails due to 5003173x0f800 error when applying KB0922.

I think it's probably because Edge itself grabbed some file at the time of application and couldn't update it. (The reverse is also true ...

As was the case when IE was updated in the past, KB often includes updates to genuine Microsoft software.

Then, if you are using it casually, if it is automatically started at startup, or if it is running in the background for some reason, you may be in a state where you can not write even though you want to update.

When applying KB, it is desirable to close the application as much as possible.
(However, it may be started quietly ...

In this case, it was possible to avoid it by updating Edge first, but this may be different between KB and the update program.I don't know how it's different, but will it stop if it's started for the first time?

Also, if it fails with the same error code 0x800f0922, it may be due to a reserved partition as a previously improved method.If the above does not improve, you may try it.

I hope it helps you.

[Reference site]

Windows 10 KB5003173 update fails with error 0x800f0922 for some users
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