[Windows] About the solution when Windows Update fails due to 0x800f0825 error

Hello!This time, I would like to summarize what to do when 0x800f0825 occurs due to a Windows Update error.Event When Windows Update is performed, the event viewer and "Settings" Windows ...

[Windows] When the Windows Update update cannot be applied to the event viewer etc. due to the "2359302" error

Hello!This time, I would like to introduce the case where a log such as "Error 2359302" remains in the event viewer etc. when the application of the update program fails due to Windows Update etc.Event WindowsUpdat ...

[Windows 10] What to do if the update cannot be applied due to a 0x80071a2d error

Hello! This time we will introduce how to solve when you can not apply the update program in 0x80071a2d error. ■ When applying the event update program, it fails with a 0x80071a2d error.In my environment there is an error in the event log ...
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[Windows] Introducing 3 standard Windows system repair tools that are useful when something goes wrong!First of all, to repair errors and improve operations, etc. [sfc, dism, chkdsk]

Hello!This time, I would like to introduce three commands to repair Windows system. Windows is used normally and the system is rarely broken.Unfortunately, there are two main cases, one is "hard disk ...
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[Windows] Let's repair the system by overwriting the OS!

Hello!This time, I would like to introduce the overwrite installation of the OS as a powerful repair method when Windows goes wrong.Often, when I'm updating the OS, it fails for some reason, and then it works ...
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[Windows 10] Download the Windows installation disk image using the Media Creation Tool!

Hello!This time, I will introduce the method using "MediaCration Tool" as a method to obtain the installation disk image of Windows from Microsoft.Mainly, PCs made by manufacturers without recovery media, homebrew PCs, etc.
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