[Junk E-mail] Do not open the SMS e-mail disguised as Yamato Transport, saying "I have shipped a package from Yamato Transport, but the destination is unknown"! 【heads up】


Hello!I received an unsolicited e-mail from my feature phone today, so I wrote an article including cautionary recommendations.

About the contents of junk mail

The text of the email you received is as follows.

I shipped the package from Yamato Transport, but the destination is unknown.Please check from the following. http://xxxxx.yyyy.com

It's a very simple short email, but it seems to be a lot of spam emails on the market right now.

Since the Yamato part is written in hiragana, it has a very suspicious atmosphere.

It seems that a similar email was sent in early September, and some may have received it.
There is also information that the time zone is around 15:XNUMX, so I think that it is the same transmission using the system.

It seems that the caller ID and URL have changed, so please do not open this email when you receive it.

If you receive an unsolicited email

Basically, there is no harm if you do not open it.
Let's delete it completely immediately.

If you have security software installed, it is safe to do a full scan just in case.

Due to the characteristics of SMS, it can be said that it is aimed at the OS of mobile phones, so I think that there are few people who are taking measures. Never open the URL.

If you open an unsolicited email

When the input field is displayed

When you open it, you may often be connected to a screen that prompts you to enter your credit card or personal information.Never enter this.

It's almost certainly a scam.

It seems that there are many cases where you are asked to enter an address etc. because the address is unknown.
In recent cases, enabling autofill can be irreversible.

If you have entered the information, you should consult with the credit card company, bank, or other related institution of the information and have them process it promptly according to their advice.

If unauthorized use is discovered, you will need to consult the police.

When downloaded

You may have installed malicious tools such as viruses or backdoors (tools that extract information from your device).

If this happens, I think it will be difficult for an amateur to handle it completely.I think it will be possible to run an anti-virus tool or bring it to a shop for consultation.

Since vulnerabilities that can be executed by smartphones such as iOS and Android are discovered every day, it may be possible to minimize the risk by updating frequently.


This time, I introduced the unsolicited e-mail that arrived to me.

The text is so simple that I almost opened it up ... It's a must-have.

In particular, Yamato-sama uses it a lot, so when you receive an email like this, you're likely to trust it.This time, I was suspicious and found it immediately, but as time went on, unsolicited emails were improving and becoming more elaborate than I could tell at a glance.

Well, recently, the number of contacts using SMS has decreased considerably, and it seems that it is often used for application authentication.
In order to distinguish it from unsolicited e-mail, it may be safer to receive contact via an application or WEB provided by a company.

I hope it helps you.


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