[Summary of what I bought online in 2020] Introducing and reviewing personally good things! [Hobbies]


Hello!This time I would like to introduce what I was happy to buy in 2020!Continuing from the previous article, this time it's [Hobbies]!

This year, there were many items that I was happy to buy for outdoor activities, motorcycle equipment, and sports equipment.
There must have been a lot of other things, but when I looked at the history, that area stood out.

After all, that area was probably a big hit personally in 2020 (laughs).

However, you may need a boost to buy things without looking at them.
I also refer to the reviews when purchasing.

This time, I would like to introduce what I personally liked while briefly reviewing it!
I hope it will help you buy!


[Sleeping bag] Coleman EXTREME WHEATHER MUMMY

The first is Coleman's sleeping bag (= shruff) for extremely cold regions.I bought it simply because I was invited to a winter camp!

Sleeping bags that support -10 degrees or less are often ridiculously expensive.Most of them are made for extreme environments such as snow mountain climbing and the Arctic.

In such an environment, walking is the main activity, so it is designed to be light and small.When it comes to that, the material becomes very expensive.

For an auto camper like me, if "warmth" is maintained, size and weight don't really matter. (However, it is important that it fits small because it is a motorcycle main)

This Coleman sleeping bag is a mommy type (coffin-like shape) that can handle up to -18 degrees, but it can be obtained for less than 1 yen while other manufacturers cost tens of thousands of yen.Sure, it's bigger when stowed, but it's not hard to put on a bike.

However, it's still big (laughs) I had a lot of trouble storing it.


My personal recommendation is a synthetic fiber sleeping bag!It's OK to wash in the washing machine, so if you're worried about odors or dirt, you can wash it immediately with GOOD.A proper down material sleeping bag can be dry-cleaned or cannot be washed in the first place, which is an advantage for hobby campers.

[Camping table] DOD Stealth X

It is a table called Stealth X of DOD.

This is a product that has a hook for hooking a garbage bag and a bag that hides it from the outside under the table part.It's probably Stealth X because you can throw away the trash so you can't see it (?)

This is very useful in campsites.
Because, in camping, garbage is often put in a bag, but if it is placed carelessly, it will fall down due to the wind or spill with a slight impact, which is very difficult.

If you have one Stealth X, it is a two-bird item with one stone that you can earn garbage problems and table space!

It will be smaller when stored, so it is also recommended for camping touring.


My personal recommendation is to hide the trash in nature!
After all, garbage bags do not look good in nature.It is effective to enjoy the atmosphere by hiding the garbage bag from your eyes!If you want to enjoy the beautiful nature, you have to manage the garbage properly.

[Timberland] FIELD TREKKER WoterProof

Timberland trekking boots.
It is a design-oriented product rather than a full-fledged trekker.

It may be a little unusual for a timbre to have more fiber than leather.
I personally liked this design, so I bought it.

It's comfortable to wear and the soles are solid, so you can walk well on unpaved roads.
Also, thanks to the lack of leather, the shoes are much lighter in Timber.

Well, the color of the suede fabric is nice, isn't it? I feel like I'm wearing a timbre (laughs).

I bought it at Yahoo Shopping, but it seems that the stock is already low.
If you want it, you should buy it early.


My personal recommendation is the shoelaces that can be tightened up to the ankles.If you tighten the shoelaces to that extent, your shoes will not wobble when you walk, so it is very easy to walk.Also, the soles are nice to ride on a motorcycle, so it was a perfect item for me!

[Tent] DOD Shounen Tent

It is a one-pole tent called Shonen tent of DOD.

One-pole tents are tents that are launched with a single pole, but most of them are conical (△ when viewed from the side), and the design often changes only in color.

However, this tent does not look like a one-pole tent, yet you can create a separate room that can be used as a living area without tarping.

The bedroom isn't large, but it's big enough to sleep alone, and it has pockets for convenient use.It is necessary and sufficient for a bike camper who cannot carry a lot of luggage in the first place.Of course, it is sized to fit on a motorcycle.


My personal recommendation is the comfort of the living room.Since a personal area can be secured even in a large campsite, you can easily create a relaxing space by placing a table or chair.It's cold to use in winter, but it was pretty good as long as the sleeping bag was solid (sweat)

Motorcycle supplies

[Electric heating inner pants] Splend Electric heating pants

These are electric heating inner pants, for which various products have been released recently.I bought a product with this brand name, but I think that many people are selling the same product.

This is USB-powered, but its strength is that you can set the strength of warmth for each part you want to warm compared to others.It corresponds to 3 parts of the waist, buttocks, knees and shins, and can be switched as needed.

In addition, the inner pants themselves are brushed on the back and the fabric is solid, so it is warm enough without using electricity.

It can also be washed, so you can wash it if necessary.

As a caveat, the fabric is so thick that you need to wear a little larger trousers to fit it.Also, the USB cable coming out of the main unit is really short, so you need to extend it when supplying power from a computer or a USB outlet.Please note that the USB terminal when using it will not get warm at all unless it is a port for high current that can be used for charging.


My personal recommendation is that it is made of a material that stretches well.
Some of these products are hard to move because they don't stretch at all as much as they are durable.I didn't find it difficult to move like that!

[Multi?Battery] UTRAI Jump Starter (also mobile battery and inflator)

It is a fairly multi-purpose mobile battery.
What a compressor is attached! !! !!

It seems to be a big success not only in the campsite but also in the event of a disaster. It is very convenient to be able to use a USB or 12V cigar power supply.Especially with this, I am grateful that electric heating inners can be used in winter campsites.

In addition, it also supports a large current that just starts the engine of a car or motorcycle with a dead battery, so you can inflate the deflated tire with a compressor!It is also recommended for those who ride a bicycle.There is no way to charge a mobile phone on a bicycle.

Instead, it's a little big and heavy, so it's not suitable for carrying around on foot, and there are smaller and larger capacities in the first place, so it's probably a product for people riding vehicles with an engine. ..


My personal recommendation is that the XNUMXV cigar socket power supply is super convenient!
Items that can only be used in a car can be used in the house!Cigar type navigation can also be used outside.You can use it for various purposes depending on your ideas.


[Boston Bag] Nike Utility Power Duffel Bag

Nike Boston bag!
Any chubby Boston bag is fine!I went to a sporting goods store with the feeling that this was the largest capacity, and I bought it because it was a large type that could hold even a large pocket.

The design is simple, so it will be useful in various situations.Even when you go out overnight, you can enter for about 3 days, and the side pockets are convenient because you can put a foldable hair dryer in it.

The outlet also opens wide, making it easy to put things in and out and search for things!


My personal recommendation is that you can make partitions using 100 partitions!If you put a non-woven fabric partition, which is often sold at 100%, at the very beginning, you can organize and pack socks and underwear!

[Small Clip Light] HERDZI USB Rechargeable Clip Light

A clip-type LED light that can be attached to clothes or belts.

It's very small, but it was very bright!
It is rechargeable and does not require battery replacement.You can use it for 5 hours if you charge it once.

To be honest, I didn't expect the brightness and driving time because it was too small, but it was more than enough (laughs).
If you're running for about an hour twice a week, it's nice to charge it once a week.

The small size works well, and it is also useful for machine tampering such as motorcycle maintenance!


My personal recommendation is that the clip is magnetic.
Since it is a type that holds the silicon cover between magnets, it can be attached to iron materials together with the main body.Therefore, even if you want to let go of your work, you can work hands-free by sticking it on the car door!


This time, I introduced it as a good thing to buy in 2020 [Hobby Edition]!

I thought again that this year was a year of motorcycles and camping.
I think it was really good to have a hobby that is compatible with both.I'm planning to go camping during the new year's holidays, so I'll make it work!

I think that choosing a hobby depends on the individual's thoughts.
It's a difficult point, whether it's design, functionality, or brand!

I also like Snow Peak, so I'd like to have them all, but when I actually go to see things, they are swept away by other things ...

However, the ones I introduced this time are all the ones that I think I should have bought after actually using them, so if you are in doubt, I would be grateful if you could refer to them.

I hope it helps you.


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