[Summary of what I bought online in 2020] Introducing and reviewing personally good things! [Life]


Hello!This time I would like to introduce what I was happy to buy in 2020!

This year is somehow over, isn't it?
Looking back at the order history on the mail order site, I found that I bought it (sweat).

Especially this year, there was a case of corona, so I think that there were many things that I could do by mail order.
I feel that I rely on mail order for everything from hobbies to practical products.

However, you may need a boost to buy things without looking at them.
I also refer to the reviews when purchasing.

This time, I would like to introduce what I personally liked while briefly reviewing it!
I hope it will help you buy!


[ChromeBook] ASUS C425TA

This is the ASUS Chromebook C425TA, which I introduced in a lot of articles.

No ~ I'm really glad I bought this.
Is there a new model?I searched again, but I couldn't find any product with better cost performance.

It has the best balance of design, performance and price among the Chromebooks that are out now.The cheaper "C223NA" has a smaller screen and a little lower performance, and the "C434TA" of the same size is a little expensive even though it has similar specifications.

When it comes to ChromeBooks from other manufacturers, it's Celeron if it's in the same price range.
CPU performance cannot be replaced, so I would like to load good things in the next few years.
* Because the CPU is usually the first to be difficult to process when updating.


My personal recommendation is that the C425TA keyboard feels good to hit in other notebook PCs including Windows and Mac, so I'd like you to buy it with this keyboard (laugh)

[Built-in SSD] ESSEN CORE KLEVV N610 512GB

This was also an SSD with impressive cost performance, so I introduced it in another article.

SSD is constantly advancing, and I feel that new products are constantly being created.Perhaps a new company is being born for each company.

It's not a mysterious semiconductor because it's a subsidiary of Hynix, and it's as fast as SAMSUNG's 860 EVO and Seagate's BarraCuda 120, so I think it's a good product.

Since it is 2.5 inches, I think the best point is that it can be used to power up old laptops.
I'm grateful that it comes with security and moving tools.


My personal recommendation is that the TBW is large, so it has a long life. The brand name "ESSEN CORE KLEVV" is still rare, so if you use it, it will be a hot topic for homebrew PC lovers (laughs).

Consumer electronics

[Shaver] BROUN Series XNUMX with washing machine

I bought this at Amazon's Prime Sale because I wanted to experience shaving with an alcohol washer.It was my first purchase with a washing machine, so I couldn't compare what it was like.Therefore, as a result of searching for "famous manufacturer" and "less than 2 yen", I came up with this.

I use it almost every day, but it's revolutionary that it always feels like new even if I keep using it!Alcohol cleaning is hygienic, so there are no more breakouts.

After shaving, I always put it in the washing machine to charge it, but it automatically tells me the washing timing.In my case, if I shave three times, it's about one wash.The cleaning cartridge should be replaced once a month or not.


My personal recommendation is that even a slightly longer beard will shave well!As expected, it is a product of a famous manufacturer.I use a well-thought-out blade!The head was also moving to fit tightly!

[Power tap] Power cord for ELECOM AC adapter

Suddenly I approached daily necessities, but it was a power cord.Most ordinary power strips are rod-shaped and have multiple power outlets.However, if the plug part such as the AC adapter is large, it may interfere with the next outlet and it may not be practically usable.

This branched type is very convenient because you can use it without worrying about what is stuck in the next outlet.The adapter is big for the shaving I mentioned earlier, so if you organize it with something like this, you can use the power supply effectively!


My personal recommendation is that the cable does not need extra force in the insertion direction like a power strip.Even if you pull the cable a little, the cord itself is soft so you don't have to damage the cable.

[Flat TV] LG 55UN8100PJA

The previous TV was a plasma TV that I bought when terrestrial digital broadcasting was introduced, but I have become a player for 10 years.I can still use it, but when I happened to go to the TV department, I felt the awesomeness of the current TV and bought it.

Because, if you connect your TV to the Internet and download the app, you can play on-demand distribution such as "Youtube", "Amazon Prime Video", "NETFLIX", "hulu", "TSUTAYA TV" by itself.Of course you can also surf the internet.

A keyboard and mouse can also be connected, so the point is that the operation is not limited to the remote control.
If you put the app on your smartphone, you can operate it with it.

You can also share your screen from your PC or smartphone, or record / play back using a network server ...
Today's TV is really multi-purpose ~


My personal recommendation is "lightness"!In the old days, it was so heavy that it was difficult to install it alone, but nowadays TVs are light enough to hold even 50 inches with one hand!This makes it easy to hang on the wall!We also use "Dear Wall" to hang it on the wall.

[Dehumidifier] Iris Ohyama IJC-J56

I bought this in the summer.This summer, it was very damp, and the air conditioner alone did not lower the sensible temperature, and it was difficult for the laundry to dry.

However, dehumidifiers are slightly more expensive!I was hesitant to buy a lot of things that cost more than 5.Meanwhile, it was this Iris Ohyama dehumidifier that caught my eye as a product with a much lower price.

I actually used it in a living room of about 16 tatami mats, and it had a sufficient dehumidifying effect!
If you leave it on for just one day, it will be about a full tank.It's a pretty good guy.

The operating noise is about the same volume as a normal air conditioner, so I didn't really care!


My personal recommendation is that you can set the target humidity! You can change 40% to 60% in 10 steps in 3% increments.
Also, because it's a compressor type, I'm grateful for the cool breeze coming out in the hot summer!


[Delivery Box] Cage-Wai Kogyo Resim

Actually, I recently moved, but due to a mysterious incident that there was no post at the new address, I bought it in a hurry.However, it was time for Corona to become more influential, and as a result, it was extremely useful for receiving courier services!

This three-tiered type is not only a regular mail item, but also a delivery box with two keys.I think that there is often only one basic delivery box, but this was very good in that it can handle multiple orders.

Also, since the upper and lower keys are common, I was grateful that I could manage them with one key.The design is modern and it is wonderful even if it is placed at the front door!


My personal recommendation is "height"!
The height is just right for foliage plants to be placed on top or lamps to be placed, and it can also be used as a magnificent display shelf with a little decoration at the front door!

* However, please note that if you do not fix it firmly with an anchor, the trader may knock it down when you put in your luggage.


This time, I introduced the good things I bought this year at once!

Actually, I have a desire to review each and every one of them, but I'm sorry that I couldn't take the time to do so and posted in the form of "summary".

If you would like to know more, please contact us in the comments or on Twitter and we will get back to you as much as possible!

In the next article, I will introduce what I was happy to buy, such as outdoor activities and motorcycle equipment, as a [hobby edition], so please have a look there as well.

I hope it helps you.


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