[Actual machine review] I evaluated the OMEN (HP) 30L high performance plus model RTX3080 installed from the user's point of view.


Hello!This time, I would like to introduce a review of OMEN's 30L high performance plus model.

* Since the selling price seems to differ greatly depending on the site you are dealing with, I think it is better to compare at least the following three companies when purchasing.

At the beginning of this month, I renewed my PC and came up with this model from various models.

The PC I was using until now managed to have it by adding parts to a commercially available PC.
However, although there is no problem in working on a normal computer, it is undeniable that it is outdated because it is not compatible with Windows 11 and it is not possible to experience new generations such as XNUMXD and VR.

Therefore, at first, I want a comfortable computer at a low price while enjoying the latest 3D performance!I chose it in the flow.

However, when it is said that the OMEN 30L this time is really cheap, is it a little high as an absolute value?is.However, this PC had more charm than it made up for!

That's why I would like to make a review based on my personal subjectivity! !!

Basic Information

OMEN is HP's gaming PC brand, which is a brand that has come to be seen in commercials recently.

The company's gaming includes the Pavilion series, but the OMEN is a more upscale model. Pavilion is much more Spartan and OMEN feels more affordable.

Spec table

For the time being, from the basic spec table.
Since the OMEN is a so-called gaming PC, it has a large amount of information.

OMEN 25L Desktop 30L Desktop Product Details --Gaming PC | HP Japan
The world's first 3090K gaming platform with NVIDIA's latest architecture, Ampere GeForce RTX 8. A model equipped with RTX 3080 is also available.Equipped with 10th generation Intel Core processor

Of course, the specs are very high, but the appeal of the OMEN is not limited to the particular parts, so you should skip this part and take a closer look later when comparing it with other models.

モデルOMEN by HP 30L Desktop GT13-0000jp Series High Performance Plus Model
OSWindows 10 Pro (64bit)
processorIntel® Core ™ i7-10700KF Processor 3.80GHz-5.10GHz 8 cores / 16 threads
memoryHyperX® Fury® 32GB (16GB x 2)DDR4-3200MHz Intel® XMP compatible RGB (up to 64GB) 4 slots (2 empty)
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce RTX ™ 3080 10GB (GDDR6X) HDMI2.1 x 1, DisplayPort1.4a x 3
storageWestern Digital® M.2 SSD 1TB, HDD 2TB
ChipsetIntel® Z490 Chipset
サ ウ ン ドDTS Headphone: X ™, Realtek ALC3866-CG HighDefinition Audio compliant, 5.1ch compatible
Expansion slotPCI Express x16 x 1 slot (empty 0), M.2 x 3 slot (empty 1)
Network controller10/100/1000 Mbps onboard
Built-in wireless LANIEEE 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), Bluetooth 5.0
USBTop surface SuperSpeed ​​USB Type-A 5Gbps x 2 (1 port isSupports battery charge function)
Rear USB 2.0 Type-A x 2, SuperSpeed ​​USB Type-A 5Gbps x 2,
SuperSpeed ​​USB Type-A 10Gbps x 2, SuperSpeed ​​USB Type-C® 10Gbps x 1
Other I / OTop headphone output / microphone input combo port x 1, microphone input port x 1
Rear line output x 1, line input x 1, microphone input x 1, security lock cable hole
CaseMini tower type (vertical installation), Left side see-through panel
Drive bay3.5 inches x 2 (empty 1)
Processor cooling methodCooler Master® Water-cooled cooler RGB
Size (width x depth x height)Vertical placement: Approximately 165 x 424 x 448 mm
massAbout 12.42 kg
电源Cooler Master® built-in 750W ATX power supply,80PLUS Platinum
Power consumption (maximum)Max 750W
Standard warranty1 year warranty (pick-up repair service, parts warranty)
My personal good point isdeficit, Bad pointsBlue characterTo

No ... It's a spec that really doesn't have a gap.
Furthermore, since it is expandable from here, it is possible to add a little even if this is not enough. (I wonder if that is really necessary ...)

It's a small detail, but for some reason Windows 10 pro is adopted.
While many other gaming PCs are Home, I am grateful for my profession.You can also use remote desktop!

Good place

The design is simple and beautiful

First of all, unlike other desktop PCs, the exterior design is very simple.It's a mini tower box type, which is a genre that can't be deceived, but it's very well designed and cool!

The initial state out of the box.The characteristic is the smoked glass on the front.

The perforation process for taking in air is also a combination of ▲ ▼, and the trick is fine.If it is a normal model, you can just attach a filter or it has a grid pattern, so it is at best.Furthermore, even from the smoked front panel, you can feel the design commitment to the housing.

The logo on the side panel is also a favorite because of its simple yet cohesive design.

The side panel is a skeleton specification.
I personally wondered what it was like to be able to see the contents, but since the wiring of the internal parts and each board are unified in black, there is no messy feeling that is common in homebrew PCs, but rather a smart impression. I did.

The reflection is too intense to convey the goodness at all (sweat)

These points are also good because the parts are selected with an eye on the design.In addition, this side panel can be opened and closed with the touch of a button, making cleaning and parts replacement easy.

You can remove the panel as soon as you push this part

I think it's a well-thought-out housing.

Gaming PC feeling that is not too glaring

Speaking of gaming PCs, it often includes a gimmick that fans and parts are illuminated by LEDs.This 30L also shines like no other w

The light condition of the board looks like this

However, it feels quite calm.By default, the color is based on white, but since it is a diffusion type LED, it has a gentle glow.

The front side has a design theme

The front side is also a diffused LED, but the contrast is clear in combination with the smoke panel.By emphasizing the geometrical part, I think it creates a sense of unity with the angular housing.

Convincing specs and good cost performance

First of all, it is clearly in the category of high specs at the moment.
It can be said that the specifications are quite good at the time of configuration of intel core i7 + 32G memory + RTX3080.

In other gaming PCs that sell well, core i5 + 16G + RTX3060ti is the major.

Of course, both games that are popular now work perfectly.Rather, I think it is in the range of comfort.

Even so, I chose this spec because when considering the performance life of parts, even a little higher performance can handle heavy software that will come out in the future.

When I think about it, when I look for a PC with the same configuration, it is often about +10.In addition, there are many undecided delivery dates due to the current shortage of semiconductors, and one of the deciding factors is that it was clearly stated that the order will arrive within a week.

Despite the high price range, the OMEN is a little cheaper than high-spec PCs of the same level.

Interface layout suitable for VR

This time I'm assuming you're using Oculus Quest 2 as your goggles.Even if there is a built-in power supply, it is essential to supply power in order to use it for a long time.This OMEN 30L has a USB port on the top panel that can supply a large amount of power, making it suitable for long-term use.

Interface placed on the top

It's hard to see because of the color, but the leftmost USB port is a battery charge compatible port.It is also very convenient because you can access the headphone jack.There is also a power button at this position.Thanks to this, the front panel may be flat.

Discerning parts selection and high-quality assembly

I mentioned earlier about the selection of parts with a sense of unity, but if you look closely at the specifications, all the parts are equipped with higher-grade ones, such as the CPU cooler being water-cooled from the beginning and the power supply unit being 80 Plus Platinum. increase.

Equipped with a water-cooled cooler made by Cooler Master Firmly original design

In the case of water cooling, the risk of CPU runaway due to waste heat from the GPU is reduced, and the number of internal fans can be reduced, making it difficult for the air flow inside the chassis to be disturbed.This allows for efficient waste heat and is quieter.

Power conversion efficiency rank seal

The power supply Platinum is ranked according to the conversion efficiency of electricity.The inside of the personal computer is direct current, and the electricity from the outlet is alternating current, so the higher this is, the less electricity is wasted.

If the conversion efficiency is low, the wasted energy will be consumed as heat, so the waste heat will damage the parts and damage the air conditioner bill.In that respect, Platinum, which is 10% more efficient than the Bronze rank, has considerable advantages in the long run.

By the way, the power supply capacity is 750W, and even if you add up the total of each part, it will not be 500W, so I think it is a good choice.

Where it was bad

Big and heavy

As with any gaming PC, it's huge.And since it weighs less than 13 kg, it weighs a fair amount.

I think the mini tower box type would be like this, but I think it is larger than the small PCs these days.Compared to the company's 25L series and Pavilion series, I would like to have some room for installation.

If possible, I don't want to move after installing it once (sweat)
You can't easily put it on a shelf or desk.

Wifi6 is supported soberly, and Bluetooth is standard equipment, so there is a high degree of freedom in the installation location.Therefore, you don't have to keep it at your feet, so this disadvantage will be manageable depending on your ingenuity.

A little old CPU

Personally, this was my biggest concern.

From the HP spec sheet

The 11th generation of Intel Core is the latest.The CPU of the model purchased this time is the 10th generation.

This is a little ... I'm sorry.

However, it is generally accepted that there is no big difference in performance between the 10th generation and the 11th generation, so it seems that there is no need to worry about that.

Well, it's mainly because the improvements such as turbo boost that overclocks and power consumption are the main.

In the actual CPU benchmark, it seems that there is a performance difference of about 10% to 20%, but since the specifications seem to be over in the first place, a CPU that can comfortably control the RTX 3080 is sufficient.

Also, since the correspondence of the motherboard does not change in the 10 → 11 generation, if you really care about it, you can purchase it and replace it.

At full power operation, there is waste heat and fan noise.

It is quiet and has no waste heat in normal use (such as watching Office and Youtube).
However, when it becomes necessary to fully operate the specifications such as full XNUMXD games and VR, there is considerable waste heat and fan operation noise.

In my case, I don't care because there is a sound of the game in such a situation, but if the purpose is abandoned work such as mining and automatic transactions, it is necessary to change to a quieter type or take measures against heat such as air conditioner. I think it will be.

Well, it's quieter than usual, though.

Square housing

I'm sure this is a matter of taste, but the rounded design is pretty angular in the mainstream.

It's not sharp enough to pierce, but it's okay if you accidentally hit it.

It's a result of a complete focus on design.I was design-first, so I could tolerate it.

Recommended points

Anyway cool

Most desktop PCs have slightly cheap parts that can be seen and hidden, giving the impression of a toy or the atmosphere of a business tool.

Gaming PCs are even more lively, and I've relaxed them with a little bit of colored plastic parts, but I like the fact that this OMEN 30L competes with its unmistakable simplicity and texture.

The design that eliminates waste and takes time and effort where necessary is excellent

If it is too flashy, it will float in the room this time, but in the case of this model, it blends in naturally.The sharp design is easy to get tired of.In that sense, I think it's a great design to use for a long time.

Quiet operation sound during normal operation

It's basically quiet unless you're overclocking or doing spec-intensive work.I think this is largely due to the adoption of a large fan and the CPU water-cooled cooler.

There is no operation sound if it is about blogging.Even if you leave it on, if it doesn't shine, you won't know if it's moving.

Despite being quiet, the operating temperature is stable and there is a sense of security.
It's water-cooled ...

I think I'll use it for a long time

As with the previous design, it is important that you do not get tired of using it for a long time. PCs are often detrimental to their appearance, so you should choose a design you like.

It's easy to choose something that looks cheap with an emphasis on cost performance, but since it's used every few years, I'd like to pay attention to the design if possible.

What's more, the OMEN 30L has plenty of power and is easily designed for addition.In addition, there are abundant raw interfaces, and there are no negative factors for the life of parts.

If it becomes, it seems that it will not be used for a long time!
In that case, even if it is a little expensive, it is worth paying.


This time, we introduced the high performance plus model of OMEN 30L.

Although it is a brand for games, it seems that it will work well for creators considering the specifications and usability.

I bought a PC for the first time in a while, and I think I made a good purchase.
Above all, I feel that the design retains the feeling of a traditional computer and connects it to the next generation, and it has a good balance that includes luxurious elements ... I like it anyway.

If you like it, you will want to use it for a long time.If you get tired of replacing it, or if you can't stand some problems, most people will buy a new one.

I think it's a product that makes me want to put up with it a little more because I like it at such times.

Choosing a high-performance type is also important if it is assumed that it will be used for a long time.Even if a heavy OS or software is released in the future, it will be a mess.If so, there are many merits if it is early from the beginning.

The longer the life span is even one year, the more time and money you will get, and if you understand that, purchasing a slightly higher rank is the key to making it cheaper as a result.

Well, the initial investment is not expensive, but there is no choice but to use the sale and to be convinced that various points are returned because the amount is large.Tens of thousands of points will come back (laughs)

If you are looking for a companion who has good performance and wants to use it for a long time, why not consider this OMEN 30L as a candidate.

I hope it helps you.


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