[Actual machine review] Is it a topic? I replaced it with a 2.5 inch SSD ESSENCORE KLEVV NEO N610!


Hello!This time, the topic (?)SSD Essen core Of2.5 inch SSDI would like to introduce.

That's because the SSD (128GB made by CFD) of the Windows machine that I'm using this time is full, and it's about time.Replaced with 500GB class SSDIt all started when I wanted to do it.

If you are collecting information for the time being, thisESSENCOREI noticed a manufacturer called.
When I checked the manufacturer's site for a trial, the price was reasonable and the specs were quite good ... So I bought it as a trial.

However, when I actually use it, the performance and stability are not good ... Rathergood!!It has become!

It will be a personal point of view, but I would like to introduce the recommended points of this SSD.


I personally didn't hear much about it, so I did some research.

The company name is read as Essenkoa. "SK GroupIt is a subsidiary of ", which was established in 2014 and seems to be a young company. Speaking of "SK Group"SK hynix"such asWorld's leading semiconductor companyI have.In other words, because it supplies hynix semiconductors (NAND), it is far more than other super-discount SSDs of unknown origin.Securitythere is.

Of course, we have released not only SSDs but also semiconductor products such as memory, all of which have a good balance with performance and price.Brand with excellent cost performanceThat can be said at present.


Basic specifications

Very minimal packaging

First, let's look at the basic specifications numerically!

Product NameKLeVV NEO N610
size2.5 イ ン チ
interfaceSATA 3.1
Capacity lineup256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Maximum read speed (MB / s)560MB / s
Maximum write speed (MB / s)520MB / s
TBW (TeraBytes Written)150TB,300TB, 600TB
Protection5 年 間
Actual price (as of November 2020, 11)3,480,5,988, 11,480 (yen)
My personal good point isdeficitdoing

For details, see the manufacturer's website, and I've listed typical numbers as a basis for judgment.The one I bought is 512GB.Excellent specifications for SSDs in the same price rangeI think it will be.

Benchmark results

For the time being, I took a benchmark for reference.
AlmostResults as specifiedI think.If you get a number that is not much different from the specifications like thisReliefthere is.

Also, this result isVery goodI think.Samsung's 860 EVO and Seagate Barra Cuda 120 are now the only players in the same price range.I think that SSDs around here will have almost similar values.

Good place

Cheap for capacity

First of all, to be honest, I'm an old person who thinks SSDs are super large even with 128GB.that is512GBWhen it comes toCan it be used upI'm worried about ...Price below 6 yenWhat is the era when such capacity can be realized?Surprise wins.

If you don't use a large capacity such as editing a videoFilling itselfIf you use it normallydifficultI think that is the case.In fact, I also mainly use games and surfing the internet,5GB will not be filled in nearly 128 yearsIt was.

There is no complaint about speed and stability

Needless to say, it's an SSD, soSpeed ​​is not comparable to HDD..In addition, there is no petit flirt (frequently stops working for a while) that is common with poor SSDs.Very comfortableIt was a good SSD.

Also, with SSDs in this price rangeLarge file(100GB or more in one file)Extremely slow when writingThis problem often occurs, but with this KLEVV N610Has not occurred..Even during large-capacity writingWithout a big feverYou can rest assured.

useSpeed ​​is not easily affected by the environmentThat is also a good point of this SSD!

However, it cannot keep up with the latest m.2 standard SSDs these days.When pursuing speedUnfortunatelyNot a candidateIt will be.

However, it was fast enough for general use with a 2.5-inch SSD.
More than the price for both speed and stabilityIt is the cost performance of!

Long life

This is my decisive factor!
For SSDEstimated to know the lifeAs,TBWThere is an index called (Tera Byte Written).

This focuses on the characteristic that the life of SSD decreases when it writes.
Writing 1TB consumes 1TBW of lifeIt is a numerical value of the life.

Generally, if it is a product of the same seriesThe larger the capacity, the larger the TBW(Because there are many semiconductors that can be written)

This KLEVV N610 512GB is the manufacturer's published value300TBWThere is also!
This is in a dayRoughly 10 years even if I write 80GB every dayThat's the calculation ... If you don't have much, you can use it until you die!

Also, the manufacturer's warranty5 years and longIs also good.

Comes with data migration tool

Acronis True Image HD OfActivation keyComes with.
SoftwareDownload from the official websiteYou can use it as soon as you enter the key.
There is a link button to the download page in the middle of the official page

You can download it from here

These are the replacement SSDs these daysMoving softwareThere are many patterns that come with, but among themAcronisIs a lotAdopted by large companiesHas beenreliableSoftware that is incomparable to free softwareGood operabilityIt is also a feature.

In addition,Moving with Windows runningBecause you can do it, you don't have to take the trouble of booting the old-fashioned dedicated software from the boot.

It comes with accessories that meet the purpose of moving like thisHappy place.

Where it was bad

Few accessories

I was wondering if it was a bad thing, but the only products that arrived were the outer box and SSD.
To be honest, I personally appreciate that there is little garbage,Cables and mounting screwsBecause there is no such thingPrepared separatelyneed to do it.

In addition,There is no instruction manualSo where do you download the moving software and where is the activation key?I have a time like this (although it is about 10 minutes)

trulyOnly the minimum required is preparedTherefore, it is better to recommend it by looking at the official page etc. at the time of actual work.


This time, we introduced the KLEVV N610 from ESSENCORE, an SSD with excellent cost performance.

To be honest, it was a very surprising SSD personally.It ’s cheap, butCovers the performance required for SSDI thought it was amazing that I was doing it.

The first purpose of replacing with SSD isTo make the movement comfortable.
If you replace it and it interferes with the operation, or if stress builds up on the contrary, you will not be able to see it.

Also, secondlyHard to breakI think that there are many cases where
I think that the limit of old HDDs is XNUMX to XNUMX years just by turning on the power.
However, most SSDs will last for a considerable number of years without intense writing.Especially if it is KLEVV N610 512GB, I think it is more difficult to break it at the end of its life because it is used normally.

These two pointsIt follows properly at this priceThat is veryWell done as a productI think.

It is a product of a young manufacturer, but may I read this article?I would be happy if you could think even a little.

I hope it helps you.


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