[Actual machine review] I bought a Chromebook ASUS C425TA!


Hello!This time I would like to review the recently purchased Chromebook, ASUS "C425TA".

The Chromebook is a new computer that has been attracting attention recently, but I didn't see it lined up in stores and was very interested in what it was like. Chromebooks equipped with Chrome OS are cheap across the board, and they have a reputation for being light in reviews.

This C425TA was also recommended as a Chromebook entry model, but what about it in reality?

It's been about a month since I started using it, so I would like to focus on the good and bad points.

Basic specifications

First of all, I will briefly introduce the specifications of the Chromebook I purchased.
It seems to be an intermediate spec for a chromebook.It will be perfect as an entry model.

Screen size / resolution14 inch /FHD (1920x1080) Very narrow bezel
CPUIntel Core m3-8100Y
On-board memoryXNUMXGB
storageeMMC 64GB
Battery life12 hours
カメラ720p HD (inside only)
keyboardEnglish sequence
Housing size32.17 x 20.80 x 1.69 (cm)* 13.3 inches
More180 degree screen opening and closing 6 inch touch pad touch panel display
Actual price (as of November 2020)5 million yen (The amount of capital is incorrect here and in history, and should be divided by one hundred correctly.)weak
My personal good point isdeficit, Bad pointsBlue characterTo

Assuming that detailed specifications are confirmed on the manufacturer's site, is this a typical judgment material?

In the same price range as of November 2020, this spec is better than the standard.
There is no inconvenience with this spec when you actually use it.

Heavy XNUMXD games are crazy, but there is no problem playing video sites such as Youtube and Amazon Prime in FHD.

Manufacturer site link (* Note: English site)

ASUS Chromebook C425 | Laptops For Students | ASUS Global
Running on Chrome OS, ASUS Chromebooks empower education with all-day battery life, built-in security, fast boot-ups, dynamic performance, and ease of use.

Good place

Looks / texture is good

The good point is that it doesn't look bad.
Although the price is low, it is not cheap and has a high-class feel.

In particular, the cover on the display side is a part that can be seen by others when working, but it has a heavy metallic feel and a matte finish is also nice.It is also good to have a simple design with little waste.

The screen is also a glossy type, but it is not difficult to see, and the brightness and viewing angle are sufficient at this price range.Above all, thanks to the narrow bezel (edge ​​of the screen), the screen is wider than the size of the object, giving a sharp impression. * A PET bottle is kept for comparison, but it is compact for 14 inches.

As an accessory, a Type C charging cable is included.It feels like it doesn't come with anything else.

Movement is light

I think this is a stronger feature of Chrome OS, but it starts up and wakes up from sleep very quickly.It's a pain to wait until it's available to surf the internet or show documents.It is a strength that there is almost no such thing.Waking up from sleep is as fast as it completes while the lid is open.

The Core m3 is a bit better CPU than a relatively cheap Chromebook, but it doesn't have absolute performance.The memory is also XNUMXGB, which is poor compared to machines with other OS.
Still, it feels more comfortable than other machines.

Also, I think it's because there are no extra functions, but the application launch and browsing are crisp and stress-free.
This article is also written in C425TA, but it is wonderful because it does not have the fluttering feeling that is common in Windows such as delayed input and scrolling.

Keyboard touch is not bad

Keyboard touch is an important point for anyone writing documents or chatting.
I also bought it because I wanted a slightly smaller notebook to write a blog on the go, so I am inputting a decent amount of text.On top of that, I like the keyboard with its crackling and keystroke feeling.

It's still not a shakashaka keyboard full of plastic that is often found in cheap notebook PCs, but the keystrokes are still shallow.Well, it may be an advantage because you can hit it without putting too much force.

Also, I feel that the texture of the keys is a little particular.It has a matte finish that is unified with the design, but it does not slip like slippery, it does not grab like rubber, and it feels good with a moderate slip condition.

It also has a backlight, so it's a little cool when it's dark.
In such a case, the English keyboard looks great!

Battery has

This C4254TA is the manufacturer's catalog value and the battery drive timeXNUMX hoursThere is also.
As with all Chromebooks, battery life is much longer than other Windows.

Also, even when running on battery power, the performance that was often found in old Windows notebooks does not drop.I think it's great that you can use it with the same feeling of operation when the power is connected and when it is battery-powered.

However, if you play the video with all your might or use a heavy app hard, the drive time will be shorter ... This is unavoidable.

Even so, it is attractive that it can be driven for XNUMX hours for less than XNUMX yen.
You can watch about XNUMX movies.

The edge of the screen is narrow

The edges of the screen are now quite narrow.
Thanks to this, there is no thick screen frame that is often found in cheap PCs, and there is no cheap impression.

Also, the narrow bezel makes the display more compact for the screen size, so the display feels larger than the overall size.It's one size smaller than the laptop computer of a long time ago, yet the screen size is large ... I think it's wonderful.I think it's a good point that this is in line with the recent trends in clamshell PCs.

There is a detailed kind design

This is a small detail, but there are dents in the housing so that it can be easily opened when opening the lid.

It is also good that a little ASUS ingenuity is incorporated, such as the adoption of an ergo lift mechanism that lifts the keyboard when the screen is tilted.I'm glad that I can use the new design instead of diverting the old product properly.

[Laptop] What is Ergolift Hinge | Support Official | ASUS Japan

Where it was bad

Simply heavy

I feel the weight for the size.
With this size, there are many users who want to carry it around.You can feel its presence even if you put it in a backpack.With that in mind, I wanted it to be a little lighter.

Personally, thanks to this weight, it is an advantage because the housing does not shake even if I hit the keyboard.The stable housing is stable during input work.

If you make a violent input on a light computer, the housing itself will make a rattling noise, and if the screen hinges are weakened, the screen will wobble or be the worst.

In that sense, the weight and stability may be useful for key punchers.

There is no point in being a touch panel

It has a touch panel, but I don't know what to use it for.

This C425TA opens and closes 180 degrees.
It doesn't have the hardware functions that make the screen come off and become a tablet.Therefore, even if the display was equipped with a touch panel, I couldn't think of any intended use. (Is it possible to have the person you meet touch it ...?)

I wondered if it could be used for scrolling the screen, but since it is a glossy glare finish display, fingerprints will remain and it will get dirty.

It is extremely rare to use it when downloading an application for Android that requires a touch panel, but in the first place such an application has many patterns that the layout is messy on the large screen of the Chromebook, so it is obediently a tablet It seems better to use a terminal.

English keyboard layout needs getting used to

It's just that the model I bought was an English keyboard, but if you're used to Japanese keyboards, suddenly using a keyboard with a different layout will make you feel uncomfortable.

If you are used to Windows in the first place, you may not be familiar with the Chromebook keyboard, but ...

Especially when I try to type a symbol when inputting Japanese, something completely different from the notation on the keyboard is displayed.It ’s easy@ The{It will not come out unless you press the key (on the right side of the p key).I don't think it's a problem for people who are close to touch typing on a regular basis, but I think you need to remember it until you get used to it. The Enter key may be small.

Also, as long as it is a Chromebook, there are many things that have different shortcuts from Windows.
ShareBecause there is no keyAlt + BackspaceOrHalf-width / full-widthBecause there is no keyCTRL + SPACEYou can switch between Japanese / English input with the key,function keyBecause there is no, it is necessary to remember the key of the button (top of the image) that changes to it,Search 🔍There are many places where you are confused when you use it for the first time, such as the existence of a key.

However, I got used to it in a few days, so I think it's important to use it anyway.
In the first place, I chose the English layout key because I thought that if the notebook PC had a simple design, the keyboard should also have a simple English layout. (By the way, the English keyboard was definitely cheaper)

It's a result of giving priority to coolness even if there is some patience in terms of functionality.
However, once you get used to it, it may not be something you can put up with ... It depends on the person.

Fewer peripheral interfaces

To be honest, this is few. USB port xXNUMX TypeC xXNUMX Micro SD card slot xXNUMX Headphone jack only.
It cannot even be connected to an external display by itself.

It is compatible with Chromecast, but I could only use it in my environment by skipping the Youtube URL to the TV or at that level.

If you buy a USB hub and one with an HDMI output port, you will be very happy.

The screen is easy to get dirty

This is true for all glossy displays, but fingerprints and dust are more noticeable.
Also, since the lid closes perfectly, if you work while touching the housing for a long time, the oil on that part or the keyboard may stick to the screen.

If you wipe it lightly, it will come off immediately, but you will want to take care of it for mental hygiene.

Recommended usage

I tried to raise the advantages and disadvantages, but I do not think that the quality of laptops is 4254 or less as a whole.Most of my blogging work is completed only with this CXNUMXTA.
I felt that the cost performance was very good.

For living room, surfing the internet and playing videos

This usage is recommended.
After all, the merit of having a large screen is greater than doing it with a smartphone.

You can watch the internet and videos crisply and comfortably, and you can understand the product information better by viewing it on a large screen than on a small screen even on mail order.

Especially since it starts up at explosive speed, there is no need to bother to start up a machine that takes a long time to start up.

Also, I think the design is simple and excellent, so it doesn't feel strange even in the living room.

Work PC for going out

No matter how heavy it is, I think it is rare that 1.44 kg is difficult to carry.
It's a size that can be packed in a bag and carried, and it's thin so it doesn't get in the way.

The battery life is not bad, so you can create documents at the cafe.

Remote client on main PC

As expected, it is extremely difficult to run heavy games and software comfortably on a PC in this price range, even with Chrome OS.

However, you can use the Play Store, so let's install the Remote Desktop Client.
It is definitely comfortable if you connect to a high-spec Windows machine with remote desktop and leave it to heavy work. If you operate with Wifi, you can create a comfortable work space without being tied to a place.

Remote Desktop --Apps on Google Play
Microsoft Remote Desktop allows you to connect to remote PCs and virtual apps.

Educational PC for children

It's cheap and packed with features that kids want (Youtube, SNS, etc.), so it might be a good place to buy.

Since it is the heyday of smartphones, many children can only enter flicks.
Even at my workplace, young people who couldn't type on the keyboard had a lot of trouble.
Familiarity with the keyboard has something to do with modern computer skills, so I think it is good for children's education.


Since I bought the Chromebook for the first time, I bought it while checking various things.It happened that I was able to buy it cheaply at Amazon's sale, but it was a very satisfying product even though I thought I would fail.

It doesn't seem to be usable for XNUMXD games or video editing, but since there is a main Windows machine there, I can work comfortably by connecting with a remote desktop via Wifi.This gives me a feeling of openness that allows me to work outside my room.

However, my first motivation was to use it as a relaxing computer for watching the basic internet and watching videos, so it was more than sufficient for that purpose.It's definitely better than looking at a smartphone at a cost of XNUMX.

If you have an internet environment, you can update your blog quickly, so it is recommended for those who are working on blogs on old PCs.You can also edit images.
Most recently, I took it out to camp and used tethering to blog in nature.

Personally, I was obsessed with Windows, but if such a cheap and comfortable terminal appears, the sense of values ​​will change significantly.I am amazed at the technological development.On the other hand, if you don't know what to eat and hate it, you may even feel the fear of being left behind.

I think that the C425TA has sufficient performance as a Chromebook entry, for entertainment, and as a practical PC for light work.

Why don't you take this opportunity to take it in your hands?

Recommended accessories

It's a slapstick, but I would like to introduce a few things that I bought at the same time when I bought this C425TA.

Wireless mouse

C425TA is also compatible with Bluetooth, so you can use it without any problems.
Since it is a silver notebook PC, I bought it because I wanted a silver mouse.

It's a little cheap, but it's not too light and easy to use.It's thin so it's easy to carry.
I carry it in the carry bag below.

Carry Bag

I bought this case because I liked the design.Of course, C425TA also fits well.
(It was a little big, but ... w

I think it's a good case where the accessory case can be removed with a zipper, and the inside has well-thought-out pockets for easy organization.There is a pocket for the thin mouse above, so it is recommended to purchase at the same time!

Bluetooth headphones

Headphones are an essential item when working on the go or in a cafe.
Considering the inconveniences around me, I want to make sure that the ones that produce sound are solid.

I also bought a silver one to match the C425TA.

As expected, the price is high, so it's cheap to touch if the housing is plastic, but I don't know how to put it.Rather, its cheapness leads to lightness, and it does not bother you to use it for a long time.

The sound quality is not surprisingly bad, and it can be said that the headphones are so-called easy to hear.

I think it's a good product because it has interesting functions such as being able to use it by wire even if the battery runs out, and being able to share audio from headphones to another headphone.

And above all, it fits comfortably in the large pocket of the carry bag!

I have introduced it for a long time, but that is all.
I hope it helps you.


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