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Hello!This timeMiniTool® Shadow MakerI want to introduce!

It always happens when using a computer"It broke without doing anything"I'm really in trouble ...
If you are familiar with it, you can feel what caused it, investigate it, and fix it, but honestly, it is a waste of time to do that.

At that timeIf you have a backup of the entire disk, you can be sure to restore it to its original state..
This is a matter of course, but I think that few people are able to do it.

Why don't you keep the data in a comfortable state and be ready to return it in case of emergency?

What is MiniTool®?

MiniTool® is a company based in Canada and Hong Kong, mainly engaged in research and development of computer storage devices (storage).Depending on the field, you will often see this name when you work in computers.Partition management, data recovery,Software experts such as backup.

Also, as a global company, the software of this company is used all over the world.The fact that the market is wide is that muchSince we have a lot of know-how, we can develop excellent software.I think.

About MiniTool Software Solutions
About MiniTool software solutions by email, phone or live chat

"Mini Tool" to introduce this time®  In addition to "Shadow Maker", the data recovery tool "MiniTool"®  Power Data Recovery and partition management tool MiniTool® "Partition Wizard" etc. have been released.

What is MiniTool® ShadowMaker?

It has a cool name, ShadowMaker, but in a nutshellMake a backup of your dataTools.

Of course, you can back up the entire disk, and it also has a synchronization function that keeps your copy up to date.This one is enough for backupCan be expected.

Surprisingly, a lot of software has been released for backup, but it is especially easy to use with a simple interface.

It also supports Japanese, so even those who are not good at English can use it with confidence.

Professional Backup Software – MiniTool ShadowMaker
As a professional backup software, MiniTool ShadowMaker offers a variety of backup services as well as a restore solution.

Also, as you use it, not only backup but also various management tools and auxiliary tools are included.A versatile tool that doesn't seem to be freeIt is finished!

What you can do with MiniTool® ShadowMaker

It's a very versatile tool, so I've summarized what you can do easily!

FeaturesFree versionPaid version
Disk partition backup & restore
File / folder backup & restore
Backup schedule
Folder sync
Mount backup disk image
(Copy part from backup)
Disk clone
Backup method (scheme)Incremental backup onlyFull / incremental / differential backup
Backup on the network-
Creating boot media (WinPE)
Independent boot by adding boot menu
Functions at the time of independent bootRestore onlyFull function
Network boot (PXE)-
Backup list management
Remote backup-
Image encryption-

It has so many features.
TaiziThe ones described in are the first necessary functions for a backup tool.
Naturally, the functions around here are included.

deficitIt is convenient to personally use this tool to display! !! !!It will be a function that I felt.
Can be used for moving hard disksClone function

All data can be copied (cloned) to another hard disk

Can restore part of the imageMount function

Choose an image and it will mount like a real disc

It can be started independently without preparing a separate USB memory etc.Additional features to the boot menu

ShadowMaker (runs on Windows PE) for recovery can be registered directly in the boot menu

You can manage backup data on ShadowMakerList management functionI think it's really convenient.

All acquired backups can be managed on ShadowMaker

Moreover, I am very happy that these functions can be used even in the free version!
The paid version is more specialized ... rather than most of the features provided for corporate management.

I tried actually

Try to install

Installation is very simple.
Download the installer from the download page on the official website.

Please download page from ↓!

Product Download Center-MiniTool
Download and experience MiniTool Partition Wizard for data recovery, MiniTool Partition Wizard for partition management, and MiniTool ShadowMaker for data backup now.

When the site opens, scroll down and click the "Download Button" at the bottom.

As of January 2021, the display looks like this.

After waiting for a while, the installer will be downloaded, so run the installer.

Example installer icon

* At this time, the User Account Control screen may appear, but click "Yes" to proceed.

When the installer is launched, a screen like this will be displayed.If you install it as it is, it will be in English, so if necessary, click "Custom installation>" and change the settings.
* The language display can be changed even after installation.

Read the agreement document, and if there are no problems, check the check box and change the "Language" item to "Japanese".Then click "Install Now" to start the installation.

Screen during installation

Wait for a while and the installation will be completed.

It was easy! Click "Start Now" to launch "MiniTool® ShadowMaker".

If you forget the language setting, you can change it by pressing the "≡" button at the top right of the screen after startup.

Make a backup of the entire disk partition

As a basic usage, I will try to back up the entire disk!
From the menu at the top of the screen, click Backup.

By default, it seems to automatically select the disk containing the booted OS.
* How to select other sources is described as an extra at the end of the article.

Let's select the save destination as it is this time!Click inside the red frame as shown in the image below.

The disk partition containing the booted OS is selected in the source on the left without any special changes.

Then, the screen for specifying the save destination will be displayed. Click the save destination drive (or folder) to select it, and then click the "OK" button.

* Note: It is necessary to specify a drive other than the drive to save the backup.I think it's a good idea to have an external hard disk.

Once the backup destination is specified, the central destination is changed and ready to go.

Click "Backup Now" to start the backup!

A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Click "Yes" to start the backup.When the backup starts, you will automatically be taken to the "Administration" screen to check the progress of the backup work.

If necessary, you can check "Shut down the computer when all the backup tasks in progress are completed", and it will be shut down automatically after completion, which is convenient.

When the backup is completed, a folder will be automatically created in the save destination path specified earlier, and a ".mpi" file will be created in it.This will be the backed up entity file.

The operation itself is pretty easy!I tried to run it with the default settings, but the 27GB data that was in the original drive was compressed to about 10GB after backup.It's pretty smart (laughs)

Try to restore the entire disk from backup

Next, I would like to restore the drive from the backup image.

* When restoring a drive, the OS itself that is running will also be rewritten, so the drive that contains the OS that is running "ShadowMaker" cannot be restored.You need to prepare another OS or a hard disk for restoration.

First, click "Restore" from the top menu.

Then, a list of images backed up so far will be displayed, so click the "Restore" button for the image you want to restore from there!

Next, the backup version will be displayed. Click the date and time you want to restore and click the "Next" button. (If you are in sync or have several backups, the backup date will increase in the list)

Then, the volume list in the backup image will be displayed.
This time I want to restore the entire drive, so check all.

Finally, select the destination drive and press the "Next" button.
* Since the drive with the OS on which ShadowMaker is running cannot be restored, the image is restored to a separately prepared XNUMXGB disk.

A confirmation dialog will be displayed, so press the "OK" button to start!

The work will then begin and information will be displayed so you can see the progress.Please refrain from working as much as possible and wait quietly until it is completed.
Since the remaining time is displayed, it may be good to move your body lightly during that time (laugh)

A message like this will be displayed if data has already been written to the destination drive.After confirming that there is no problem even if it disappears, click the "OK" button to start the restoration.

When the restoration is complete, press the "Finish" button to finish the work!Thank you for your hard work ♪

Restoration work is now OK.You can check the original state by booting from the restored drive.As a test, when I started with the configuration of only the drive that could be restored even in my environment, it started normally!

Try setting up synchronization on a schedule

First of all, I want to schedule by disk this time, so click "Manage".
* Synchronization is set for each folder or file, not for each disk.

Click the "≡" button at the right end of the image for which you want to set a schedule from the backup list to display the menu.From this, click "Edit Schedule".

Then, the schedule edit screen is in a blacked out state, so click the switch at the bottom left to enable it (green off). * It is displayed as on, but what happens when you click it?It seems to mean that.

Once the schedule is enabled, the screen will be clickable.
This time, I will set it to "backup every Sunday at 23:XNUMX" as a trial.

Click "Weekly" on the left menu to display the screen that can be set on the right.
From there, click "Sunday" and set the start time to "23:00".
After that, click the "OK" button.

Then a confirmation dialog will be displayed, so press "OK" to complete the schedule.

Now, the backup will be updated automatically when the time comes.
* Of course, it will be necessary if the computer is turned on and ShadowMaker is running.

If you want to turn off the schedule, click the switch at the bottom left to make it "red on".

Please note that it does not mean that it is disabled because it shows what happens when you click it.

Personal impression

It has enough functions!

As a backup function, it goes without saying that the entire disk can be backed up in data units, and it is also appreciated that it can be automatically backed up on a schedule.

Also, although I couldn't explain how to use it in the article, it is packed with many other functions.

Some of the features are paid versions, but you can start ShadowMaker from USB media created with this "Media Builder" without preparing an OS for restoration.
* For those who are familiar with it, you can also register directly in the boot menu. ← This is convenient because I personally saw it for the first time.

After adding it to the boot menu and rebooting, the recovery environment can be started directly!

Unfortunately, the free version only "restores", but that's the most important thing, so it's enough (laughs)
It's easy to understand because the screen is easy to use when it starts up!

The mount is also convenient.I've used a variety of tools, but opening a backup image directly is often quite a hurdle.
Since this tool itself has a mount function, even if you want to extract a part from the backup, you can handle it.

You can also use "Disk Clone" to copy the current OS and move when you purchase a new hard disk.Exhausted!

Easy-to-understand interface

Since the functions you want to use are well organized, there are few scenes where you get lost in operation.

I use a lot of image icons, so it may be because it is easy to imagine the result.The operation can be completed with almost only the mouse.It's easy to work with because it requires fewer clicks.

With troublesome software, there are many cases where all commands are operated, technical terms are used a lot, and difficult items that do not need to be set must be selected, but this tool is really the minimum necessary. I think that even beginners can easily understand it because it is suppressed to.

Backup management function is convenient

The problem with making a backup is which saved image is when.Or, forgetting where you saved it in the first place. (This may just be Zubora, but ...

With this "Shadow Maker", when you make a backup, it is automatically displayed in the management list, so you do not have to remember it yourself.

This was also the case when I added it to the boot menu.This is insanely amazing, but it may be difficult to convey ...No matter how much the OS is broken, ShadowMaker can be restored by itself.


This time,"Mini Tool® How to use "Shadow Maker"I wrote this with a focus on "backing up the entire disk".
However, this "MiniTool ShadowMaker" can back up, restore, and synchronize not only the entire disk but also folders and files.

If you have software that is prone to crashing or data that you don't want to disappear, it's worth trying out those features as well!

It's amazing that it's packed with all these features and you can use it for free!

It's a little short story, but nowadaysSecurity situation is very strictYou are in a situation.
because,Commercial hacking is prevalentBecause.

In the old days, I think that there were many things that bothered users who often hide the screen or display advertisements that lead to suspicious sites.There were some computer viruses that could cause fatal errors, but it's rare to get them.

Such a technique was caused by a hacker who had a strong desire to reveal himself, a funny criminal who said, "I'm amazing!"It's not money that hackers get as a result.

However, recently, the number of incidents by hackers who regard information as value is increasing.
It is a technique called "malware" that takes information hostage.Simply put, "malware" encrypts data and makes it unusable.

Encrypted data must be decrypted by paying a hacker for decryption software or by yourself.If you try to release it by yourself, it will take tens or hundreds of years on a general computer.

but,If you have a good backup, you're not afraid of encryption.
Because all the unencrypted data remains (laughs)
We're just going to restore it!

Professional Backup Software – MiniTool ShadowMaker
As a professional backup software, MiniTool ShadowMaker offers a variety of backup services as well as a restore solution.


The article will be very long, so I'll include another backup method as a bonus!
I hope it's a useful reference.

Make a backup of the partition

Click Backup from the top menu, then click the red frame in the source.

When the source selection screen is displayed, click "Disks and Partitions".

Click the combo box at the top or "▼" and select the disk with the partition you want to back up.A list of partitions will be displayed below. Check the required partitions and click the "OK" button.

Then, the selected partition will be displayed in the source part, so you can back it up by proceeding in the same way as the whole backup!

Make a backup for each folder or file

* You can select backup not only for the entire disk but also for each partition or folder.Let's change it if necessary.

Click the source to display the data selection screen

Click the "Folders and Files" banner to open a dialog for selection. Open the saved disk, check the folder you want to back up, and press OK.

Then the folder you specified earlier will be displayed in the source.If you proceed in the same way, you can back up.

In either case, you can schedule and use management tools just like a full backup.
It's well-made software ...

Professional Backup Software – MiniTool ShadowMaker
As a professional backup software, MiniTool ShadowMaker offers a variety of backup services as well as a restore solution.

Above, "MiniTool®  It was an introduction of "Shadow Maker".
I hope it helps you.


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