[Outdoor Diary] I've been barbecuing at Camp Village Yanase! November 2020, 11

Camp diary

Hello!This time, I have been barbecuing at "Camp Village Yanase", a campsite where you can camp in Ibaraki prefecture, so I will post the record.

Camp Village Yanase is a campsite in Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, and I heard that it is a site with a history of 40 years, so facilities and rentals are substantial.

Camp Village Yanase-Enjoy Nature Freely

This time I went on a day trip for the purpose of barbecue with the people at work, so I will introduce and report.

Basic Information

Official websiteA more cute sign is a landmark

Directions and Parking

Location: 〒319-3361 5436 Korofuji, Daigo-cho, Kuji-gun, Ibaraki
[Car] From the Joban Expressway Naka Interchange, 118 km via Route 37, about 50 minutes
[Train] 11 minutes walk from Kami-Ogawa Station on the Suigun Line (1 hour 9 minutes from Mito Station on the Joban Line → Kami-Ogawa Station)

Quoted from the official website

Phone Number0295-74-0610
Surrounding environmentMountains (there is a river nearby)
Opening periodYear-round * Check information required
Status of tent siteSoil, grass, gravel
Official page URLhttps://yanase.camp/

usage fee

* Please contact us during the busy season as the price and time may change.

Day trip (day camp)

Adults (junior high school students and above): 500 yen / Children (5 years old and above): 300 yen Parking fee: None
Check-in 10:00 Check-out 16:00

Staying (free site: a section where you can set up a tent freely)

Adults (junior high school students and above): 1,000 yen / Children (5 years old and above): 500 yen Parking fee: 1 yen
Check-in 10:00 Next day after check-out 11:00

* Bungalows are also available, but as of November 2020, acceptance is being canceled due to relocation work.

Facilities on site

There are barbecue house, hot shower, kitchen, barbecue house, toilet (which was pretty clean), vending machine and so on.

There is also a shop where you can buy juice, alcoholic beverages, detergents, fuel, ice, firewood, charcoal, fishing baits and gimmicks, and if the time is right, you can also grill sweetfish with salt.

Rental items included cold protection items such as blankets and mats, BBQ items such as pots, iron plates, nets, cooking utensils, chairs and tables, canoes, kayaks and other leisure items.

You can also receive Free Wifi around the barbecue house.

注意 点

At the campsitegarbage disposalToDaigo Town designated garbage bagIs mandatory.It seems that it is also the operating cost of the campsite, so I cooperated.

I felt that the charge form was a little complicated.It is advisable to consult in advance when using the facility.

It's also important to make reservations from your LINE friends.Inquiries on the official websiteYou can register from.

Also, the person I went with set up a tent, but it seems that the pegs were driven a little hard.
When setting up a tent, it's a good idea to know where to hit the pegs or have a strong hammer.

Direct fire is prohibited for bonfires and barbecues, so a bonfire and stove are essential.

Good place

The scenery is good

After all, it is wonderful that the scenery is good.The surrounding area is full of mountains, and when the weather is nice, the contrast between the sky and the mountains is beautiful.The river is also flowing, so it is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors.

Fully equipped

All the facilities are very clean and I don't feel unsanitary.It was a campsite recommended by women with peace of mind.
Also, having rental items and shops is a nice factor because you can reduce the amount of luggage along the way.

Surrounding facilities are also substantial

There are roadside stations and hot springs in the vicinity, so there was a lot of fun not only in camping but also in the mountains.

The road along the way is good

I used to do this on a motorcycle, but there were few traffic lights and it was a good mountain road for winding.

My record

This time, I went for a day trip barbecue.
I promised to meet at the site before noon.

This is my bike (YAMAHA: Dragster 1100)

This time we only had barbecue, so we loaded only chairs, tables and cooking utensils.
A motorcycle is enough for this.

This day was blessed with a very nice sunny day and it was the best touring.
Even so, it was November, so it was chilly, but I think the autumn leaves were beautiful a little earlier.

This is a reference image

When we arrived, we accepted at the administration building.
It was only 500 yen for a day trip barbecue.Even if you stay overnight, if you set up your own tent, it costs 1,000 yen.
I feel that people who usually stay at hotels are cheap.

Block meat juju!It looks good ...

When I arrived at the site, the person who came earlier had already prepared the barbecue!
Since it's a big deal, I made a big block of pork that would make a fuss if I usually bake it at home!

It was half a lifetime with charcoal grilling, so I used a hot sandwich maker to slowly grill it with scissors.The impact on the appearance is amazing, but the food you eat in nature is the best.

After the meal, I enjoyed the conversation slowly.There was something like rain on the way, but the weather in the mountains is changeable, so it stopped in a few minutes (laughs) I absorbed a lot of the power of nature and went home.

Outdoor equipment used

It's easy, but I'll show you the camping equipment I'm using.

■ Peace Fraise Hot Sandwich Maker

Peace Fraise Hot Sand Maker Gas Fire Only Hot Sandpan Dining AM-9867posted with CaerevaView Details at Amazon.co.jp

Originally it is a cooking utensil for making hot sandwiches, but it is an excellent one that will bake it nicely just by sandwiching large meat and vegetables that are difficult to cook and throwing it into charcoal. Cooking videos using this are also popular on Youtube.It is very convenient because it can be disassembled and used as an iron plate.

■ Assembled outdoor chair

Outdoor chair [2020 ver.] Ultra light fit chair High back Coloring ◎ Oxford cloth fabric with rich texture Super durable A7075 Aviation extra super duralumin made Loose camping chair Overload resistance 120kg Super lightweight 1.2kg Compact storage size 45 × 13cmposted with CaerevaView Details at Amazon.co.jp

It's a folding chair, but it's especially light and durable.
It takes 10 minutes to assemble and it will be assembled quickly.It took about 3 minutes to get used to it (laughs)

Compactness is important as long as you ride a motorcycle, but it is very useful because it is small and organized.
It's not too comfortable to sit on!I also like the shade.

■ DOD Stealth X Assembly Table

DOD (DOD) Stealth X 6 types of trash cans that hide trash With a sorting table functionposted with CaerevaView Details at Amazon.co.jp

DOD's Stealth X is a unique product called a table and trash can.
As you can see from the Amazon site, it has a carabiner that puts a garbage bag inside, and it is an excellent one that can throw away garbage from the side gap.

Despite its versatility, it is small and compact, so it can be carried around even for camping touring on a motorcycle.


This time, I introduced the camp village Yanase and made a barbecue report.

The campsite Yanase was a wonderful campsite with reasonable prices, well-equipped facilities, and even a camper like myself could enjoy it.

It happened that the people I went with were camping hobbies, so I didn't have to prepare a bonfire or a stove, so I went lightly, but even if I didn't have it, I could rent it. I think I enjoyed it enough.I was reliant on my seniors with various hobbies, but I think they learned the fun.

I thought I should take more pictures, but I was so absorbed in the conversation that I forgot.
It was fun.

Next time, I would like to prepare my own tent!

I hope it helps you.


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