[Windows] What to do if a 0x4004F00C, 0x4004F00D error occurs during Microsoft Office activation!Reconfigure and reauthenticate the KMS server for volume licensing


Hello!This time, I would like to introduce an example of how to deal with the case where an error occurs in Office license authentication and authentication becomes impossible.

I think that this error is most often encountered when you are using an Office product normally and suddenly the message "Activate" is displayed.

Probably, this phenomenon does not occur with the package license for general users.I confirmed it with a volume license for corporations.

Also, the same phenomenon may occur in other versions of Office and Office 365, so please refer to this article.


When I start an Office product, the following screen is displayed.
Also, when you check the license status of Office, a screen that requires activation is displayed.

Error code 0x4004F00D is displayed at the bottom left

Also, if you execute "OSPP.VBS", which is an Office activation script, with the "/ act" option, the following error message will be displayed.

the software licensing service reported that the application is running within valid grace period

From this, it can be seen that the license is being activated during the grace period.
The "19th" that can be read from the image above seems to correspond to that.

* OSPP.VBS exists in the folder where the office is installed.
Office2016 (32bit version):% programfiles (x86)% \ Microsoft Office \Office16\ OSPP.VBS
Office2016 (64bit version):% programfiles% \ Microsoft Office \Office16\ OSPP.VBS

Depending on the version of OfficeOffice16Part changes
2007: Office12 2010: Office14 2013: Office15

■ Microsoft's OSPP.VBS reference


This happens because Office lost sight of the "KMS server" that manages volume licenses, 180 days passed without activation, and the license grace period was entered.

Normally, you won't lose track of your KMS server after installation, but it can happen in the following scenarios:

  1. Moved or abandoned KMS server
  2. After authenticating once, I continued to use it in isolation from the network
  3. The identity of the cheap license key etc. is volume license, and the distributor stopped the KMS server due to business closure etc.

I think there are other possibilities, but I think this is the cause.


In any case, it is OK if the re-authentication can be completed.

1. Moved or discarded the KMS server

I think this is a scenario for administrators, but if there is a KMS server replacement or domain move.Clients authenticated in the old environment may keep the old KMS server address.

You can license by setting the destination to the correct KMS server with the following command and re-authenticating.

cd / d [Office installation path] OSPP.VBS / sethst: [new KMS server address] OSPP.VBS / setprt: [KMS server port] OSPP.VBS / act

■ Execution example
When setting the KMS server of "KMS server name: kms-serv.com" and "port: 2016" in Office 32 (1688bit version)

cd / d "% programfiles (x86)% \ Microsoft Office \ Office16" OSPP.VBS / sethst: kms-serv.com OSPP.VBS / setprt: 1688 OSPP.VBS / act

* Of course, it is a prerequisite that the KMS server in the new environment operates normally and can communicate.If you cannot authenticate with this, you should review the settings on the KMS server side.

2. After authenticating once, continued to use it in isolation from the network

This is easy, I think that if you connect to the network and wait for a while, you will be authenticated.

In that case, it will not be authenticated unless it is a network with a KMS server that has the purchased license, so I think that if it is a company PC, it must be connected to the company network.

One of the conditions is that you have not been certified for 180 days, so it may happen if you have not been to work for more than half a year by teleworking.

If you still cannot authenticate, try running "OSPP.VBS" with the "/ act" option.
You may get some other error.

cd / d "% programfiles (x86)% \ Microsoft Office \ Office16" OSPP.VBS / act

3. The distributor stopped the KMS server

Unfortunately, there is basically no workaround for this case.
I think you can only buy a genuine license or contact the vendor who purchased it to check the KMS server.

If you don't connect to the network for a while and authenticate, you'll have to give up.

Well, I don't think it's a very complimented usage, so I think it's better to purchase a proper license at this time.

■ Amazon Product Page -Microsoft Office-


This time, we have introduced what to do if a 0x4004F00C, 0x4004F00D error occurs during Microsoft Office activation.

KMS authentication is fairly familiar to system administrators, but most of them work fine even if left unattended and do not require any intervention.Therefore, if the device itself is replaced or the person in charge changes, it may immediately become a black box.

It tends to be a problem when the environment changes, so be sure to carry out the materials and handing over at the time of setting ♪

I hope it helps you.


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