[Actual vehicle review] I have tried the Mazda CX-30!Impression review that I actually got on!

Test drive

Hello!This time I have tried the Mazda CX-30, so I will review the test drive!

The CX-30 is Mazda's SUV released in October 2019.
It is a relatively new model, and it is a slightly different car from the SUVs that have been released so far.

MAZDA CX-30 | New Generation Crossover SUV | Mazda
Model information for the new generation crossover SUV "CX-30". You can see the features of the CX-30, grade and price information, and Mazda's commitment to the CX-30.

Speaking of sports utility vehicles (hereinafter: SUVs), there is a strong image of a cross-country vehicle (hereinafter: cross-country vehicle), which is a XNUMXWD vehicle for Gottsui that makes it easier to ride in the city or outing. think.The height of the car is high, and you can ride a lot of luggage.Such SUVs are now very popular, and every automobile company develops and releases SUVs.

I'd rather like the C segment (roughly a 5 number size hatchback sedan) and bought the Mazda3 before.The Mazda CX-3 was lent as a substitute when the Mazda30 was received for inspection.

Since it was a big deal, I was able to show you various points after the test drive, so I will post it as an impression review.

Basic Information

First is the basic information about the car.For details, I think it would be good to see the catalog, so I have made a rough table of the performance.

From the Mazda official catalog page
Vehicle size■ Overall length x width x height: 4395 x 1795 x 1540 mm
■ Wheelbase: 2655mm
■ Vehicle weight: 1530kg
Engine specs■ Engine: Direct 4DOHC diesel turbo
■ Total displacement: 1756cc
■ Maximum output: 116ps / 4000rpm
■ Maximum torque: 27.5kgm / 1600-2600rpm
Suspension■ Suspension front / rear: MacPherson strut / torsion beam
■ Before / after braking: V-disc / disc
■ Before and after tires: 215 / 55R18
■ Before / after tread: 1565/1565mm
Fuel efficiency■ WLTC mode fuel consumption: 14.8 to 19.2km / L
Safety equipment / driver support■ Collision avoidance support
■ Lane deviation support
■ Radar auto cruising (front vehicle tracking function)
■ Auto high beam
■ Obstacle detection system when parking
■ Pedal mistake prevention system
■ Equipped with front seat heater and steering wheel heater
New car price■ About 230 million to 400 million

Looking only at this, it's a car with 3 number size safety features!
The test drive this time is a grade called XD L Proactive, which is a model of the cloth sheet of the diesel engine.

Test drive impression review

I should have taken the CX-30, which was lent as a substitute car this time, in a brighter place.

Appearance -Exterior-

Well, let's first look at the appearance.Although it looks quite round in the photos such as catalogs, the actual car has a lower impression than the photos, and it feels like a normal hatchback sedan is slightly taller.

The swelling feeling of this door panel and the like when viewed from the side is like a Mazda car.What kind of corporate effort was there in molding this door ... I think it was really difficult to fit the door tightly in this shape.The color was also very good, it was deep red and had a very beautiful color.

The front mask is a design that can be said to be a symbol of Mazda today.The front grille has a mysterious mesh pattern, and the expression changes depending on how the light hits it.I personally like the design.The front of the CX5, which is smaller than the Crocan, and the Mazda2 (former Demio), which is smaller in width, looks vertically long, but I think it looks low probably because of the height of the resin parts on the lower side.The effect is great, and it looks like a low bonnet like a sports car of the past.

You can see that the expression changes depending on how the light hits, not only the grill but also the color.I think that the color when mixed with the blue of the sky is often seen in this photo.I thought it was a good paint that would surely give a good look even in the lights of cars and streets at night.

The rear is a powerful design like an SUV.The hatch door is not just a plate-like design, but a curved surface with undulations, and you can feel the high level of molding technology here as well.It looks a little kind-looks sleepy (laughs)


I thought it was a simple design based on black.In addition to the calm feeling, I get a high-quality impression.Of course, the steering wheel and shift knob are leather-wrapped!This feel is irresistible!

In addition, the center display is 8.8-inch and has a horizontally long shape.This was just the right height for the driver, and it didn't interfere with my eyes while driving.

At first glance, the instrument panel looks like an analog meter for needles, but the center is a liquid crystal display, which works as a multimeter that can display various information.It was easy to see day and night.

Most of the plastic parts are piano black (glossy black) and don't feel cheap.
It is made of matt satin silver such as doorknobs, and it is finished in a good condition with less glare.

The drink holder is really fluffy!There are many things that drink holders can hide, but the mechanism that suppresses this kind of life is wonderful.

The rear hatch is a type that opens wide to the bottom, and I think that loading and unloading luggage is an easy category.I had the impression that I could carry my luggage even when the rear seats were not tilted down.


It's important to drive, but to be honest, it doesn't have the dramatic feeling of a car like a sports car.Because I still own the RX-7, and compared to its radicality, the part that says "It's a ridiculous car!" Is inevitably diminished.

However, from a human-centered perspective, its value shines.
A comfortable starting force even from low speeds, a smooth ride on general roads, and a safe and comfortable space on highways.
I thought it was created to create a comfortable space for such a driver.

I ran a little pass, but the suspension wasn't too soft and not too stiff, and this wasn't the type of fun that the car claims, but the theme was how comfortable people were. I think.

Even if you drive a little deeper, the behavior is stable, and you can feel the intention that you can't run!However, rather than running with a bright red head, this car felt more mature like "You can do that, but you're not a gentleman, right?"

This may be true for all Mazda vehicles, but "we have removed the difficulty of driving while retaining the enjoyment of driving."
... It was such an impression.

Good place

Cool above all!

No, it's honestly cool!This is just one word.I think this is a person's taste, but I think it's nice because it has a glamorous body with a good style, even among SUVs that tend to give a round and debutcho impression.

After all, that part may be raised by the resin parts mentioned above.
I think that the crisp styling is realized by making the colored part look narrow.

Well, I still have the impression that it is round, but I think that the design power of incorporating trends and breaking the styling is truly true.

I think it's a great pleasure for the owner to be able to shine in the mountains or in the city.

The inside of the car is wider than I expected

A common feature of cool cars is the small interior space.It's embarrassing compared to a sports car, but I think it's by far the widest.

I think this is a comfortable point unique to SUVs with height and width.Thanks to that, I don't get the impression of being cramped, and it makes me feel like I want to carry people.

Since it gives a crisp impression from the outside, it is easy to think that it is narrow, but in reality it was not at all.

Advanced technology

After all it is a modern new car.The level of safety awareness is different from the old ones.

Automatic braking and following the vehicle in front are commonplace.Preventing mistakes in pedaling and preventing lane departure also worked well.

When it comes to lane deviation, you can feel secure after driving a long distance and enjoying leisure.
As with the Mazda3, if you turn it on, the steering wheel will be operated automatically.

I was fine when I was young, but as I get older, I become very anxious about driving on my way home.
If that happens, you may have to be prepared to go out, or you may have to put your best effort on hold if you have to prepare for driving without enjoying leisure.

It can be said that driving is more "safety is maintained by performing with a sense of mental tension" rather than the act itself.However, excessive tension attacks the driver in the form of tiredness.With the advent of support functions, reducing the demand for toughness on such drivers reminds us of the desire to go out.

The sound is very good

This time I tried a test drive with a standard audio system, and the audio is very good now.

It is said to be "Mazda Harmonic Acoustics", but it has 8 speakers.The mounting position is also calculated, and I thought it was quite good as a listening space.

I think that it is a good audio system that is well-balanced as a whole in the form of clear treble and the bass that supports it, rather than the bass that is often found in ordinary audio custom cars.

I think this depends on the trend of music, but I think it's also because many people want an easier listening sound than beaty club music or hard rock.I think that kind of shape is also suitable for gentleman driving.

That doesn't mean the bass isn't working, so you can enjoy rock and club music.To the last, it is different from the type of audio that you can enjoy with a super-explosive sound that leaks to the outside.

The interior is an adult design that is as good as a foreign car

The texture is very good, which is a common feature of Mazda these days.
The same applies to the Mazda2, which is a compact car, but the quality of all models is above a certain level.

What I especially like is the interior design that looks at the level of foreign cars that exceed 500 million yen.In the middle of Heisei, due to the influence of the economic crisis, I think that there were many linear designs and cheap bare plastics.

The steering wheel, shift knob, and each cover made of leather are standard equipment, and the coloring and painting are particular about each part, so the overall design has a sense of unity. I think it is enough to remind me of a luxury car.

Now in this Reiwa era, all the cars that Mazda put out from the end of Heisei have become very high quality with a commitment to interior decoration.Looking at the stores, I think that it has become much more elegant or more expensive, and the impression has changed to aiming for the upper layers.

Making you feel like you are in a good car makes you realize the goodness of the interior.

Where it was bad

Fuel economy is not good overall

If the fuel economy situation is good these days, I think that many of them run at about 20km / L.Considering that, I think that 20km / L is one guideline.
It's a little disappointing that the catalog value is less than 20km / L.
That said, I think an SUV of this size is average or better.

I think it's amazing to run this much even though it's diesel and not hybrid in the first place.

Vehicle price is high

With this XD Proactive grade, the new car price was around 280 million.
In modern times when low wages are a problem, it seems that the price is quite hesitant.

Also, Mazda doesn't offer much discounts.
You may be so confident in your car.

Since it is a good car, it is natural that the price will rise as it is, but I think that people who can put it out are making a lot of money.To be honest, I don't think there are many people in their 20s who can drive more than 200 million cars.

The price of the new car market tends to rise steadily, so it may not be a big deal from that point on.

I want to ride beautifully

This may be a personal idea, but when it comes to a clean car with very good paint, you definitely want to ride it clean.

A cool car is a sin, and in order to maintain its beauty, it attacks daily car wash fees and maintenance separately from the vehicle price.You want to make it shiny, especially if it's cool.

If you take good care of yourself like that, let's go to the snowy mountains on a rainy day or for leisure!I hesitate a little.You'll want to avoid the rain without a garage.

However, the quality of painting and coating technology have improved, so riding in a beautiful condition is not a high hurdle.

If it gets dirty, you can wash it.The car is on board!

Recommended points

The light of the blinker is interesting

The CX-30 is currently equipped with the only "dimming turn signal".
As you can see, it has a special way of shining.

Front side: The blinker position is also special, but the light is also special
Rear side: A round characteristic blinker shines brightly

It feels like it flashes and then slowly dims.
I said that it was like a heartbeat, but it certainly gave me a biological impression.It looks like I'm breathing.

There is no other blinker that shines like this.Even if you look at it from a distance, you can tell that it is a CX-30 in one shot if you do this way of shining.No matter how many cars you have, it will definitely stand out!

Compatible with Apple CarPlay

The big difference in operation feeling from Mazda3 is that it is compatible with Apple CarPlay.

This is the heyday of smartphones.I think that the addition of these functions is also important in terms of riding in the information society.

Of course, I think that you should refrain from the things that need to be operated while driving, but now that voice recognition is available, I think that it is a very effective means for operating navigation and music. ..

You should avoid it as much as possible, but I think it is unavoidable to reach for navigation and audio while driving.Not to mention playing with your smartphone.However, there is no doubt that it will lead to stress if you do not do it.

I think it is also a fact that such a part can be greatly improved by linking voice recognition and Apple CarPlay.

The interior is almost the same as the Mazda3

This is only a personal factor, but for those who are riding the Mazda3, I think it is a very good point that the operation method does not change when switching.

Now, the resale value (used car price) of C segment cars such as Mazda3 has dropped to the point of a crash.My Mazda3 is also seriously worried about the trade-in price in the next few years.

I know that it will be priced enough because I haven't bought it yet, but it's still much lower than the new car price.

Looking at this situation, it seems that retailers will not be able to sell the Mazda3.This is because if a residual value is set, the value may be lower than the residual value.

On the other hand, SUVs have stable prices in the second-hand market, and their value does not decline easily.The high trade-in price is directly linked to the burden of purchasing the next car.

When it comes to that, we Mazda3 users are the only ones who do not change the operability, and this CX-30 is the best for changing to the trend of the SUV era.

Whether you spend money or lose money from the side, those who fall in love with the Mazda3's styling can just keep riding.Because Mazda3 is also the best!

However, if it is a premise to switch, I think that switching to SUV is also enough ant at this opportunity.


This time, I made a test drive report on the CX-30.

When I write an article like this, I realize again that I like cars.
I wrote it from a personal point of view, but I think both the CX-30 and Mazda3 are very good cars.

A long time ago, I used to ride the Civic Type R (FD2 type), RX-7 (FD3S type), Skyline GT-R (32 type), etc., and it is not a car unless it is a sports car!I was the kind of person who said that, but that was the value of the car.
I really enjoyed the experience of "This is a great car!"

However, the impression of the current car has become "comfortable and high quality" after "cheap and convenient". I think that it continued to be developed with an emphasis on "tools for moving", and that it changed to a human-centered vehicle.

I also didn't expect the C-segment market to get so cold.
I still remember how much talk was made when the Mazda3 came out.

But maybe Mazda3 and Subaru Levorg ...There are few new cars that are hatchback type and can be seen in the city.It is lonely to have such a flow.

However, I think it's wonderful that the new genre of SUVs is alive.I hope manufacturers will use this as a source of funding to take on new challenges.

The era of electric cars will come next, but I will definitely enjoy cars with engines by then!I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience for future children (bitter smile)

I hope it helps you.


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