[Recommended] Introducing the personal "best 2021" wireless mouse that is ideal for everyday use and desk work! [January 1 version]


Hello!This time, I would like to introduce three models of wireless mice that I personally recommend!

Although the mouse is a very important part in computer work, many people tend to choose the cheapest one as an accessory or for sale.

The feeling of operation changes greatly with just one mouse, so it is directly linked to motivation.

The general guidelines for choosingPrice / function / fitProbably, all of them get lost in a pinch.
On the contrary, the fact that there are so many types may be considered by the manufacturer as an important part.

However, there are so many models of mice at present.
There is no doubt that all of them are products that the manufacturer has narrowed down the ideas according to the application, but there are too many types.

Therefore, from among the mice currently on the marketIntroducing 3 models of mice that I can personally recommendI'll let you do it.

3 recommended wireless mouse models!

This election point!

This time, we focused on the fact that it is a wireless mouse that is not surprisingly expensive and suitable for everyday use and office work.

What products are suitable for everyday use and office work?

The first important thing is the fit.
If you continue to use things that do not fit your hand, the burden on your wrist will inevitably increase.
There is something that is too small or flatAs a result, it is less likely to get tired if it has a certain size and bulge..

In addition,ErgonomicsProducts based on (ergonomics)It fits the structure of the human bodyTherefore, there are many things that give a natural grip.

I think this depends on your taste, but I think it's better to have some weight.
If it is too light, it will go too far when moving the mouse, or it will move at once with little force when you want to make fine adjustments.There is a sense of stability when there is weight.

In addition,It is also important to be a 5-button mouseis not it.I think that not using the Internet these days is rare for both work and private life.At the very least, you want to "next" and "return" with just the mouse.

From the above,A 5-button model that has a size and bulge, uses ergonomics, and has some weight.Was elected.

The price isn't surprisingly high ... shouldn't it?

I think that the high price and low price for the mouse depends on each value,"1 yen or less" is appropriateI wonder if.That said, the two products other than the Logitech G703h are much cheaper.

Even so, I dared to mix high-performance gaming mice because I wanted them to be included in the options.

After all, high-performance mice differ in reaction speed and smoothness of movement.I want a mouse that can be a little priceyPlease use it by all means.If you like it, I hope you can use it as an entrance to try using a gaming mouse!

so,Two general-purpose mice with similar specifications but not too expensive, and one because it is cheap among gaming miceI was allowed to do it.

Advantages of wireless mouse

The biggest advantage of wireless mice is that there are no wires.
The line that crawls on the desk can get in the way, and it's better not to have it when cleaning..

In addition,The wire itself has deteriorated or becomes dirtyIf you keep using it for a long time, the wireless mouse is betterTendency to extend life It is in

However, the reaction may be bad depending on the fear of running out of battery and things.
I would like to introduce this time as much as possibleLong life and good reaction speedI chose in.

Precautions when using a mouse

What you should be careful about when actually purchasing is that there are cases where the same wireless mouse is divided into "USB receiver connection" and "Bluetooth connection" even if it has the same shape.If you are familiar with it, please purchase it using the connection method of your choice, but unless you are particular about it,It is better to choose the one of "USB receiver"I think.Although it is easy to connect, the "USB receiver" is more difficult to disconnect and can often be used even when you are away from your PC.

Also, the mouse is moving in the light.That's why it doesn't move on mirrors or uneven objects.Use a mouse pad or a dull book firmly on it.I recommend.

Explanation of recommended points for each mouse

ELECOM EX-G "extreme grip" series

First is ELECOM's wireless mouse EX-G.
Since this mouse was first released in this form,Super long-selling product that has been sold for a long time without major changes.

At first glance it doesn't seem to matterI valued the fit between the thumb and ring fingerAs the name suggests, it is a product that is particular about grip.

It is recommended and approved by a doctor, so it is hard to get tired and hurt your hands.

In addition, software called "ELECOM mouse assistant" which can assign button function is attached.Well, not so many functions are assigned, but it is convenient to assign frequently used functions.

There are red, white, and black color variations.Since it is a long-lived product, there are also blue and silver in the same EX-G series.


My personal recommendation is: the wide bottom of the mouse.If the bottom is wide, you can move the mouse stably without glaring when moving the mouse ♪

Logitech Gaming Mouse G703h

Next up is Logitech's G703h gaming mouse.A gaming mouse is literally a mouse for playing games, but it's perfectly fine to use it for everyday use or work.

Like this G703h, the gaming mouseCommunication is not interrupted and the response is goodThere is a feature.Many of them are particular about their shape and are being researched to fit well in the hand.You can also add weights as an option, and if it's too light, you can do that.

As a feature of this productSupports wireless chargingThings will be mentioned.
If you purchase the optional POWERPLAY mouse pad, it will be charged while you use it, so there is no risk of running out of battery. (The higher mouse pad is the scratch on the ball)

Assuming there is a gaming mouseBecause it is equipped with an LED, it "shines"..It may be embarrassing to stand out in a very rigid workplace.However, it is easy to find even in the dark, so it may be an advantage for night-time people ♪


My personal recommendation is: Click the button!A normal mouse pushes the button back with the pushing force of the switch itself, but this G703h pushes the button back with a special built-in spring.You can enjoy a different feeling of pushing ♪

Buffalo Neofit Mouse

Lastly, I would like to introduce Buffalo's Neofit Mouse.
me tooErgonomic fitIt is a mouse with a good reputation.

The shape made to match the shape of the hand is full of fit and is very comfortable to grip.You can see the ingenuity of the manufacturer.It ’s hard to get tired,A feeling of operation that should be called a sense of unityI'm dying.

In addition, since it is equipped with a switch that is conscious of quietness, the annoyance is reduced to some extent.It depends on how you press it, but I think it doesn't bother you even if you use it in a cafe.

There are three color variations: black, red, and white.All of them have a nice texture and a smart impression for the price.


My personal recommendation is: The design is similar to a normal mouse for its ergonomics.It's a strange mouse, but it keeps a mouse-like shape compared to other ergonomic mice, so it doesn't feel so strange even if you use it in the office.


This time, we have introduced the personal "best XNUMX" wireless mice that are ideal for everyday use and desk work.

Input devices (: user interface devices) such as mice are used to interact with personal computers.A tool as important as "words"is.If this is neglected, it will not be possible to work smoothly and it will be stressful.So to speak, it is a tool for giving instructions and commands, so it is clear that you should use a good one ♪

For a while, I used to spend a lot of time choosing mice by trying them out at electronics stores.
This is pretty good!I can't meet the mouse.

When I was teaching students in a computer class, I was teaching them to prepare my mouse if possible.
Having one of your own things will change your consciousness, and even when you touch your computer, you will feel the same operation, so I think it's very good to buy a mouse as one of your commitments.

The "EX-G" series was introduced at that time and received a good response.I'm glad I touched it recently, so I introduced "Neofit Mouse". The real intention of "G703h" is simply because I want it (laughs). That was a good thing.

By the way, I'm currently using the "EX-G" made in 2012 and the Logitech "G602" gaming mouse.Both are good mice ♪

I hope it helps you.


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