[Recommended] Still an ordinary keyboard?3 premium keyboards!Introducing high-end keyboards for writers and programmers!


Hello!This time, I would like to introduce only 3 recommended premium keyboards!

The keyboard is one of the most touched parts when working on a computer.
For that reason, it is normal to continue using the accessory keyboard, which is also a part that is not very noticeable.

However, there are high-end keyboards, and these days they are often called "premium keyboards".

Such a premium keyboard not only reduces the fatigue of key input work (: typing), but also makes the keystrokes comfortable and makes the work very enjoyable.

For this reason, many writers, programmers, and other people whose main job is typing are using a particular keyboard.

This time, I would like to introduce three representative models from such premium keyboards.

XNUMX Recommended Premium Keyboards!

This election point!

It's completely different from a normal keyboard when I use it!I chose 3 models!
First of all, there will be two models from the ones that have a proven track record, and one model that is outstanding in terms of design.

Every keyboard is a wonderful one that is packed with the technology that is particular about each key.However, unfortunately, it is rarely actually lined up in stores.Therefore, it may not be widely known.But after all, the keyboards used in professional settings are a bit different.

Also, as I recently learned, a very fashionable keyboard was released.I definitely want to introduce this too!

If you want to change your current typing environment!I want to improve!If you are thinking, please use it by all means ♪

Recommended points for each keyboard!

FILCO Majestouch series

■ Manufacturer page: Diatec

■ Amazon manufacturer official store

FILCO's Majestouch series is one of the famous brands of mechanical keyboards.It uses the mechanical keys released by Cherry in Germany, and has released many reliable and proven keyboards.

Source: Amazon product page

With a mechanical keyboard, you will feel a "click" when you press it.I can't say how comfortable it is when I type in the keyboard that results from this.Some enthusiasts fall in love with this and have a mechanical keyboard.

A normal keyboard is called "membrane type", and there is a side that it is difficult to react unless the key is pressed firmly to the end.However, in the case of this mechanical key, if you push it in until it clicks, it will react reliably, so it is difficult to mistype, and you can feel that "Oh, did you mistype now?"This is very important for long sentences and typing people.

However, since the switch is physically attached, you will definitely hear a clicking sound, so it may be difficult to use in a quiet place.

Source: Cherry MX switch lineup

There are various types of key switches, such as the "blue axis", which has a strong feeling of keystrokes, the "red axis", which has a light keystroke, and the "brown axis" in between.There are many other variations such as the black axis and the silver axis, but I personally recommend the blue axis, which feels good to hit.I think you can enjoy the real thrill of using the most mechanical keyboard.

There is no doubt that once you know this feeling, you will be addicted to it!


My personal recommendation is "weight".If you hit the keyboard vigorously, the keyboard itself will rattle or move and go somewhere.It can be said that such a thing is unlikely to occur in all premium keyboards ♪ Also, thanks to this "tick" feeling, character input feels very fun, so it is recommended for those who are tired of the current environment!

Topre REALFORCE series

■ Topre REALFORCE introduction page

Topre's REALFORCE series is also one of the famous premium keyboards.
It is used by a variety of keyboard-intensive professions, from professional gamers to lawyers.

Source: Amazon product page

This is also popular and reliable for a long time, and when it comes to luxury kibodo, this is it!It has a name that can be said to be.The premium keyboard that I learned for the first time was also this "REALFORCE".

The biggest feature is the structure of the key. It is a method called "capacitive non-contact method", which detects the force of pressing when pressed.Therefore, compared to the mechanical type mentioned earlier, the burden on the fingers is less and the typing feel is moist.Another point is that it is relatively quiet.

In addition, the shape of the key top is arched by incorporating ergonomics.This gives you the feeling of sticking to your fingertips even when typing at high speeds.The Majestoch I mentioned earlier also has a slight slope, but this one has a more aggressive shape.


My personal recommendation is "less tiredness".Compared to mechanical keys and membranes, the ease of input is overwhelmingly outstanding.For those who type tens of thousands of characters for hours, REALFORCE is the choice!For fun, the mecha key will give you a boost, but if you are looking for a craftsmanship as a work tool, "REALFORCE" is definitely recommended!

AZIO Retro Classic Series

■ AZIO Japan Official Page

Finally, there is the AZIO (: Agio) keyboard. AZIO is a brand that releases keyboards that incorporate retro designs born in the United States, and as you can see, the designs are very fashionable!

Source: Amazon product page

The keys are mechanical keys that are conscious of typewriters, which also makes the keyboard feel good. (Introduced on the manufacturer page as equivalent to the blue axis)

The design is prioritized, but I personally didn't feel that even this round key was difficult to press.
The real thing is quite luxurious, so it's cute if you put it as an interior ♪

It also comes with a stand for height adjustment, which also has a distinctive shape.
I really like the details of the design.

The Retro Classic Compact also comes with a wooden palm rest.To be honest, I felt that this was tough, but is it better than sitting at the desk directly?However, it's a problem because the design looks nice when it's on the desk.Be patient with fashion! ??

Also, the Retro Classic series with a numeric keypad released by the same brand is also shiny ...
The color is very cool, so it seems that it will be noticed if it is also in the room ♪

The copper alloy part is shiny in the new state, but over time it will become a little textured.It will be quite tasty, so please look forward to it if you purchased it (If you want to make it shiny, polish it with an abrasive and it will return to its original state. It's really hard ...)


My personal recommendation is "design"! !! !!What a fashionable and cool! !! !! !!Just having such a keyboard in the room will change the atmosphere and make you want to hit more ♪ It looks like it is important to look at, but the keying feeling is not bad, so if you want a keyboard different from people, this is the best candidate !!


This time, we introduced 3 models out of many "premium keyboards".

After all, my favorite keyboard is FILCO's Majestouch Covertible 2.I think I bought it about 7 years ago, but I'm still using it.

I think I like it completely, but I like the "blue axis" mechanical keyboard.surely.When you make a program, you will feel that you are typing in it, which makes it fun.

It is often said that beginners like the "brown axis", but after all they like the "blue axis", which is the real thrill of it.Also, it is convenient that Convertible can be connected via Bluetooth.

However, since I started blogging, I use "REALFORCE" when I am enthusiastic about "I'll do more than 1 characters today!"It ’s great not to get tired ...

Retoro Classic is a completely visible keyboard.If you bring it with you when you have a meeting with a client, it will be a chance for communication, so it may be recommended for freelancers (laugh) It is recommended to combine it with an iPad ♪

Also, although I didn't mention it in the text, all the keyboards I introduced this time have excellent durability.It is safe because it has passed a strict durability test.

Also, compared to the ordinary membrane type, if you spill tea, it is usually okay if you wash it thoroughly with water and dry it (the manufacturer does not guarantee it, it is just an experience story. It tends to spill ...)

Considering that point, it may be good for children ... Hmm ...Since the key top will come off, at least when I'm old enough to avoid accidental ingestion ... No, if I hit a computer, is it a reasonable age?It may be good because it is hard to break if you touch the keyboard when you are young.You can use it all the time!

I hope it helps you.


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