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[Windows] I want to register a task that "executes at logon and then repeats infinitely every 〇 hours" in the task scheduler with a command!
hello!This time, I would like to introduce a command to register a schedule that executes a task at logon and then keeps executing it again periodically.It's easy to schedule a task that you want to execute in a single shot or a process at logon, but you can set this up ...
[Windows] How to install / uninstall Cortana with a command!
hello!This time, I would like to introduce commands related to installing and uninstalling Cortana. There is a lot of information around Cortana in the streets, but there are cases where this alone cannot solve the problem.If it is reinstalled, it will be solved ...
[Windows] Introduction of the registry and commands to hide the physical drive displayed on Explorer
Hello!This time I would like to introduce how to hide the local disk.Windows is already an OS used by a wide range of users from children to adults.Needless to say, it is used for children's education and the lives and hobbies of elderly people ...
[Windows] Let's create a folder that is invisible to general users using "attrib", which is more powerful than hidden folders.
Hello!This time, I would like to introduce how to hide folders one step further using the Attrib command.This is a powerful way to hide even the so-called "hidden folder" display if you make it invisible.I don't want anyone to see it ...
[VBScript] I want to automatically promote VBS to administrator execution!How to promote an administrator in a script executed by double-clicking.
Hello!This time I would like to create a script that can be executed with administrator privileges by double-clicking VBScript.I've introduced scripts that automatically get administrator privileges at runtime in batch and Powershell as well, but it's similar ...

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[Bat] How to execute commands and batches with administrator privileges!
[Windows] Command to get free disk space (+ Get disk information)
[Bat] How to automatically promote to administrator authority if the batch is not executed with administrator authority

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