[Internet Explorer] Causes and solutions when Group Policy is not applied in IE11. Let's understand the first launch of IE!


Hello!This time, I will summarize the cases where IE was not set correctly in Group Policy (GPO).

Trouble summary

This time is the trouble I encountered.
I made the newly installed OS join Active Directory (AD) and set IE to be set by GPO.At that time, when I checked whether the GPO was set correctly, for some reason only the IE settings were not reflected.

Other GPO settings are reflected correctly, and we investigated this matter.It will be the background.


Internet Explorer initializes its own settings the first time it is launched.
* Confirmed only with IE11

IE overwrites its own settings

  • Login to Windows
    OS prepares registry

    Registry value: XNUMX or blank

  • Read default value
    Registry is updated to default values

    Registry value: Default value

  • GPO settings
    GPO is loaded and settings are updated

    Registry value: Set value

  • IE movement
    IE overwrites its settings

    Registry value:Initial value of IE

Therefore, if you set it without starting IE even once, IE itself will overwrite the setting and it will look like you can not set it.

Basically, common tools such as GPOs and logon scripts do not monitor this "possibility of rewriting", so this event was reached.


It's a very simple story, but the point is that you can force the settings again after starting IE11.That was it.

Gpupdate / force

* Command to forcibly apply GPO settings

However, the fact that the GPO was set to "apply only once" was a disaster, and this command alone did not solve the problem.This is because the GPO recognizes it as "already set". I think this will solve the problem if the environment is "always applied".

So, in the end,Wait for the registry to be rewritten, then write the value you want to setI made a script to avoid it.
* At that time, the default value of the OS was 0 or blank.

The content has become difficult to understand, but I think that those who have had the same trouble will understand it well.
We would appreciate it if you could refer to it.


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