[Internet Explorer] For those who cannot install IE7 on Windows 11


This time I will describe what to do if you can not install IE7 on Windows 11.It's more content now, but it may be necessary because Windows 7 is active nowadays ...
As I said, I encountered such a Win7 machine at the site, and even if I googled it, I could not find useful information.

A method like this one can be used (maybe?) Not only for IE but also for all Windows components.You may want to keep it as an idea.

* As a premise, it is assumed that the installation could not be completed when the installation was executed using the offline installer of IE11.

◆ Download Microsoft-Internet Explorer 11 (offline installer)

* The error log at the time of installation seems to be spit out to "C: \ Windows \ IE11_main.log" by default.
There may be hints here, such as if you don't have enough required KB

■ First, review the prerequisite KB

When installing using the IE11 installer, you cannot install unless the following KB is applied.

You can download these KB from Microsoff's Windows Update Catalog.

Reinstall the following KBs in order from the top.
(If it is already installed, there is no problem, so assign the next KB.

Reference: Microsoft-Required update for Internet Explorer 11

◆ Required KB before installation

KB2834140 ←In many cases this KB is not supposed to be applied

◆ KB that is not required but should be included


Once the installation is complete, try installing IE11 once.
In most cases, the above red bold type (KB2834140) behaves as if it is not installed, and it seems that there are many cases where it becomes NG.
Up to this point, the KB can be installed as usual.

◆ KB to be inserted when KB2834140 is not installed (KB3125574)

KB3177467 ← Premise KB of KB3125574

* KB2834140 will be changed to applied.

In the previous case, installing KB3125574 will fix it so that it is applied, so I was able to avoid it.

If this doesn't work, it's the next step! !! !!

■ Downgrade to IE8 and then reinstall

If there was any damage to IE so far, it could not be installed due to it.
In that case, there was a case where it could be avoided by returning IE to the version at the time of installation and then upgrading it with the IE11 installer at once.

[Control Panel]-[Programs and Features]-[Installed Updates]
Open and select the "Windows Internet Explorer" item from the list.I will uninstall it.
So far, downgrading to IE8 and then installing has been successful in many cases.

If that doesn't work ... the next method!

[Main subject] If that doesn't work, install manually

The method from here is a method that I could not find easily because I was searching for it myself.
Therefore, I wrote [Main subject].
The procedure is as follows.

◆ STEP1.

Start the IE11 installer and stop the operation on the screen below

◆ STEP2.

In this state, open "C: \ Windows \ temp" and the folder name is "IExxxxx.tmpSearch for the folder. (<a href="http://www.myescortgirls.com/en/">xxxxx</a>Is a random alphanumeric character)
Make sure that the following two files are in this folder.

  • IE11-neutral.Downloaded.cab
  • IE11-neutral.Extracted.cab
◆ STEP3.

Start the command prompt as an administrator and forcibly install the cab file using the DISM command.
The command sample is as follows.

dism.exe / online / add-package / packagepath: C: \ Windows \ temp \IExxxxx.tmp\ IE11-neutral.Extracted.cab / quiet / norestart
dism.exe / online / add-package / packagepath: C: \ Windows \ temp \IExxxxx.tmp\ IE11-neutral.Downloaded.cab / quiet / norestart

(<a href="http://www.myescortgirls.com/en/">xxxxx</a>Please rewrite to alphanumeric characters in STEP 2.)

◆ STEP4.

STEP3. Close the command prompt after completion.
Then, without restarting, return to the IE11 installer screen and click Install.

This seems to make the installation part look like it was pre-executed.

The installer will run to the end to complete the installation.

■ Summary

  • First, apply the required KB.
  • If IE itself is broken, downgrade IE.
  • If that doesn't work, trick the installer into a semi-manual installation!

This time I tried to summarize what you need to install IE11.
I think there are still a lot of Windows 7 running, but at the same time I think it may be necessary to install IE11 from the perspective of vulnerabilities.
Since Windows 7 is often running for a long time, I want to avoid reinstalling the OS.
I hope this article helps you to prevent that from happening.


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