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Hello!This time I would like to introduce how to manually update the Windows driver.

I think that there are many people who usually purchase a personal computer and use the same driver as it is. Windows Update also automatically updates the driver to some extent, but unfortunately not all of them are.

The most common way to update to a new driver is to download and run the driver from the official manufacturer page.This is not that difficult as it is only installed according to the installer prepared by the manufacturer (though it is a demon for those who are not good at personal computers ...)

However, if you don't have such a thing, or if you want to apply what you got yourselfInstall by directly specifying the driver fileI need to do it.

This time, I will write a method to manually specify the driver file directly and update / install it.

Prepare the driver you want to apply

Driver files from the official device page or the Windows Update Catalog (below:inf file).
This is generally this because the method of obtaining it differs depending on the device!I can't write the method ... I'm sorry.Please prepare by yourself.

It may be a hint if you refer to this article for how to get the driver.

An acrobatic method is to save (export) the inf file from another PC and bring it in.Driver export is summarized in this article.

Open Device Manager

First, open Device Manager.
There are many ways to open it, but I think it's relatively quick to right-click the "Start Button" and then click "Device Manager".

Install / update driver

When the device manager opens,Right click on the device you want to install / updateThen,Click "Update Driver"To do.

The left is for updating.The same menu is displayed even for unknown devices.

When the "Update Driver" window opens,Click "Browse my computer for drivers"To do.

Then you will be asked for the location of the driver, soClick the "Browse" buttonAnd the inf file is storedSelect a folderTo do.

On the previous screenCheck "Search subfolders as well"If there is"Next" buttonWhen you press, it will automatically search for the inf file in that folder and install the appropriate one.

All you have to do is wait until the installation is complete.

If the message "The driver has been updated successfully" is displayed, the driver installation is complete..
If necessary, double-click the device to see if it has been updated.


This time, I introduced how to update the Windows driver manually.

If you touch on these basic parts again, it will change how you are not working efficiently.There are various ways to update the driver.Before I wrote this article, even opening Device Manager was a good discovery as I was working after opening the control panel.If even a small amount of work is reduced, it will become a mountain if dust accumulates.

Updating the driver was a task that would be difficult to do except that it would not work in earnest if it was still Windows.
Windows 10 is regularly updated with feature updates, so it's easy to break if your driver isn't compatible with the new Windows 10.Even for free, Windows Update often stops working, so you need to update frequently to keep your system healthy.

Since large companies update using distribution tools, it is difficult to update drivers manually, but it is a fairly frequent task for those who are in the PC support desk or repair business. I think.

You can also use this method to load your own backed up driver files.
I hope you remember this article when you have to load an inf file.

I hope it helps you.


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