[Windows 10] How to check the firmware version of the hardware on the device manager.

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Hello!This timeHow to check the firmware version of a deviceI want to introduce.

When you say "I want to check the firmware", I think that it is almost always the case that you check it on the hard disk, motherboard, graphic board, etc.Normally, I think it is common to check with the firmware update tool published on the manufacturer page.

but,You can also check the firmware version on the device manager..
I would like to introduce it as an example.

How to check with Device Manager

First, open Device Manager.
There are many ways to open it, but I think it's relatively quick to right-click the "Start Button" and then click "Device Manager".

When the device manager opens,Device properties you want to checkOpen.
The figure below shows an example of opening a hard disk drive.
Click the disk drive (which may be storage) and double-click the device name displayed below it to open it.

Click the Details tab in the properties of the displayed device.
After that, click the pull-down menu of the "Properties" item and clickSelect "Hardware ID"To do.

Of the value displayed at this timeThe last string displayed is the firmware versionIt will be.

Check with official tools

Let's check if the value is really the firmware version.

The figure below shows the screen of the hard disk firmware updater used for the introduction.
The current firmware version is displayed in the Current Firmware item.

If you look at thisThe firmware version is included in the value displayed in the device manager earlier.You can see that.

Bonus: Try updating the firmware + notes

The item of New Firmware is the latest firmware version that can be updated with the update tool, so I actually updated it.

Some precautions when updating the firmwarethere is.

・ Never turn off the power on the way

Due to the nature of the firmware,If the process stops during rewriting, it will be damaged in most cases...If that happens, you will never be able to use the device again.

A common case is when you update a battery-powered machine with a firmware update and the battery drops out and fails.You can't be relieved just because it's fully charged.Be sure to connect it to the power supply. * The second place is power outage ... Dryer ...

Unlock devices that have a password lock

Passwords may be set mainly on the hard disk or system board.
If it is restarted in this state, it will remain locked, which also causes the inability to recover.Be sure to unlock the password before workingLet's keep it

Also, don't forget to restore your password after work.

Update result

I actually updated it while paying attention to the above.
Let's check it on the device manager.

Then like thisThe character string at the end of the hardware ID is that of New FirmwareIt has changed to.
Now you can check if it is new firmware.


This time, I introduced how to check the firmware version of the device with Device Manager.

I tried using a hard disk as an example, but you can check the firmware version in addition to the HDD, so I want to check it quickly!I think it will be useful in such cases.

This hardware ID can be very helpful once it becomes readable.
It is a guide when looking for a driver.

Not only the firmware version, but also the product number called PID and the vendor ID (manufacturer's unique number) called VID are included, so it is convenient to search for a driver by referring to this.
* I would like to write about this in a later article.

You can also check the current firmware by using commands such as PowerShell.Even if you want to manage the firmware in a company etc., I think that you can perform interesting operations by using this hardware ID.

I hope it helps you.


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