Error handling


[Windows] Application cannot be started due to 0xc000012f error

Hello!This time, I will introduce a case study when the application cannot be started due to 0xc000012f error.In the case I encountered, various software such as Microsoft Office did not start at all.Pop at that time ...

[Windows] SymELAM is disabled in Symantec Endpoint Protection

Hello!This time, we will introduce the setting method for the phenomenon that SymElam (early startup anti-malware function) of Symantec Endpoint Protection (hereinafter, SEP) is disabled in Windows 10. Early ...

[Windows] The "Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface" driver keeps throwing errors in the event log when restarting (IntelPTTEkRecertification.exe)

Hello!This time, intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface: Below, I will introduce the solution to the phenomenon that TXEI (IntelPTTEkRecertification.exe) keeps giving an error every time it is restarted ...

[Windows] Symantec Endpoint Protection log files become bloated

Hello!This time, Symantec Endpoint Protection, which is Symantec's security software: I have a problem with SEP, so I will introduce the problem and the solution.The following part of the event local disk ...

[Windows 10] Solution when the start menu cannot be opened or displayed!Introducing the repair commands and methods I tried!

Hello!This time I tried to summarize what I want you to try when the Windows 10 start menu does not open.What happened in my environment was that when I pressed the Windows key, nothing happened, and when I clicked the start button, the menu didn't appear ...

[Windows 10] Optional functions (.NET FrameWork 0, RSAT, XPS viewer, etc.) cannot be installed / added due to 800x0954f3.5 error.

Hello!This time, I had a problem with Windows 10, so I will introduce the problem and the solution.The trouble is that the optional features of Windows 10 cannot be installed.This probably happens in principle on a personal computer for the general public ...

[Windows] Credentials disappear! ??Introducing the cause and workaround!

Hello!This time I was in a very difficult situation, so there are cases like this!I would like to introduce an example in the sense that. When you go to access a shared server etc. on Windows, a password is often set.At that time, pass every time ...
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