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[Internet Explorer] Causes and solutions when Group Policy is not applied in IE11. Let's understand the first launch of IE!

Hello!This time, I will summarize the cases where IE was not set correctly in Group Policy (GPO).Trouble overview This time is the trouble I encountered.Transfer the newly installed OS to Active Directory (AD) ...

[Bat] How to get the registry value in a batch file! Introducing how to use "reg" and how to retrieve only the value!

This time, I will introduce how to get the registry. Method using Reg command First, let's try with Reg command.This time, let's take the release build number of Windows 10 as an example. Windows 10 release build ...

[Bat] How to get the path of the batch file itself! Let's master "% ~ 0".

Hello!This time, I will summarize how to specify the path that is often used in the batch file.You can easily get your own path by using "% ~ 0" in the batch file.This is a method that I often use, so I would like to introduce it all together. ...

[Bat] How to automatically promote to administrator authority if the batch is not executed with administrator authority

Hello!This time, as a summary up to the last time, let's create a batch that executes itself as an administrator when it is not executed with administrator privileges.Normally, when starting a batch file, it is often executed by double-clicking.But in that case, administrator privileges ...

[Bat] How to check and judge whether the batch can be executed with administrator privileges

Hello!This time, I will summarize how to check if the batch file can be executed with administrator privileges. OpenFiles Sample code in OpenFIles openfiles> nulif% errorlevel% ...

[Bat] How to execute commands and batches with administrator privileges!

Hello!This time, I will summarize a little how to execute a batch file with administrator privileges. Using the Runas command First, I will introduce the commands provided in the command prompt. runas / user ...

[Windows] Remedy for failing to install Windows update due to error 2149842967

This time I will write about the error that occurred when applying the Windows KB.The error in the title occurred in "KB4471331", but it seems to be a general error, so I will write it down.About error 2149842967 ■ D ...

[Internet Explorer] For those who cannot install IE7 on Windows 11

This time I will describe what to do if you can not install IE7 on Windows 11.It's more content now, but it may be necessary because Windows 7 is active nowadays ... I also say that Win7 ...

[Bat] How to make a batch that is automatically executed after restarting

I want to continue processing even after restarting with a batch file.Here are some batch techniques that you can use in such cases.
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