[Blog] Isn't it a violation of the rules even if I screen the Google Adsense reward screen and post it on SNS etc.? I asked in the Google community.

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Hello!Isn't it a "violation of terms of service" to post a screen capture of "Google Adsense" to SNS, which I was worried about every day this time?I asked the Google community about that and would like to report the results.

Subject matter

When I use SNS such as Twitter every day, some people post screenshots of Adsense.
And there are some people who warn that it is a violation of the rules!

Is this true?

I was really worried about this.
I looked it up, but I couldn't find the core information, so I decided to ask the community.

Then I got an interesting answer, so I would like to summarize it.

Contents of question

First of all, the content of the question.

Actually, Google Adsense's online terms of use have such a description.

"Regardless of this Article 11, you may accurately disclose the total amount of Google payments brought about by your use of the Services."

Google Adsense Online Terms of Service

Looking at this, at first glance it seems good to publish a screenshot, but how about it?

Answers from the community

The answer was answered immediately!

according to this···

"The fixed reward amount may be disclosed."

You come to the conclusion.
Actually transferredBank history, copy of passbook, etc. are OKBut it's on the Adsense screenAggregate data and unconfirmed informationYou can see that is NG.

In other words,

It means that.
It was said that the amount of the payment reward that was confirmed properly was displayed for the previous payment, so it seems that only here is okay.

I want to exceed the minimum payment amount of 8,000 yen as soon as possible ...


This time, I reported the result of asking a question to the Google Adsense community.

■ Pages I posted to the community

I was very nervous when I posted the question, but I was very happy with the answers I wanted to know.
The community itself is full of more practical content ("Why doesn't the screening pass?" Or "The cost per click has become XNUMX, but what should I do?"), So I don't know what I did. It doesn't hurt, but I'm curious!I'm a little sorry for the question like (sweat)

Also, as you can see by posting, when you post a question, you will be asked via your Google account.Your Gmail address will be registered automatically, so you will be contacted as soon as you get an answer.I found this very convenient.

Don't worry about what you don't understand, it's good to ask more and more ♪

I hope it helps you.


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