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[Windows 10] About how to disable SmartScreen Registry / GPO / Command introduction
Hello!This time, I would like to introduce how to disable SmartScreen in Windows 10.Overview About what happened SmartScreen is one of the protection features of Windows 10 when the app is running ...
[Windows 10] Command to uninstall Office 365 silently and automatically
Hello!This time I would like to introduce the command to uninstall Office 365 silently. I used to call it Office 365 (also known as o365), but now it's called Microsoft 365 (also known as m365) ...
[Windows 10] What to do if Windows Update (KB0) fails due to 800x0922f5003173 error
Hello!This time, I would like to introduce what to do when Windows Update (May 2021, 5: KB11) fails to apply due to a "5003173x0f800" error.This error is a fairly well-known error ...

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[Bat] How to execute commands and batches with administrator privileges!
[Bat] How to automatically promote to administrator authority if the batch is not executed with administrator authority
[Bat] How to get the registry value in a batch file! Introducing how to use "reg" and how to retrieve only the value!

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